Care Certificate Standard 14 - Handling Information

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    Care Certificate Standard 14 - Handling Information | Online Training Course | CPDUK Accredited

    Course Duration

    2 hours

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    2 hours


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    Who is the course for?

    This online Care Certificate Standard 14 course is crucial for healthcare support workers, adult social care workers, and non-clinical staff such as porters, cooks, and drivers who handle personal and sensitive information. It suits individuals in various healthcare settings, including NHS facilities, residential homes, nursing homes, and community care environments. It caters to new staff undergoing induction and existing staff looking to reaffirm their knowledge.

    Course content

    This Care Certificate Standard 14 online course is divided into the following:

    Section 1 - Introduction 

    • Overview of the importance of handling information securely.

    Section 2 - NDG recommendations

    • Understanding guidelines set by the National Data Guardian.

    Section 3 - Personal information 

    • Handling sensitive personal data responsibly.

    Section 4 - Data security and confidentiality 

    • Safeguarding information to prevent breaches.

    Section 5 - Informing patients and service users 

    • Protocols for communicating data use and rights.

    Section 6 - GDPR 

    • Comprehensive coverage of general data protection regulation requirements.

    Summary and end-of-course assessment 

    • Recap of key points and evaluation of learner's understanding.

    Course aims

    The aims of this Care Certificate Standard 14 eLearning course are to:

    • Enhance the understanding of secure data handling in healthcare settings.

    • Outline potential data breaches and how to manage sensitive personal data effectively.

    • Highlight the significance of an individual's rights and the safeguarding of these rights.

    Learning objectives

    This Care Certificate Standard 14 eLearning course will:

    • Impart data security knowledge

      •  Teach the principles of data security within health and social care settings, ensuring learners grasp the importance of safeguarding sensitive information.

    • Duties and legislation awareness

      •  Educate learners about their responsibilities under health and social care legislation and the ethical handling of information.

    • Identify security threats

      •  Provide an overview of potential threats to information security and effective strategies to minimise these risks.

    • Documentation and recordkeeping

      •  Explain the principles and best practices of proper documentation and recordkeeping in health and social care environments.

    • Responsibilities of organisations

      •  Discuss the responsibilities of health and social care organisations in maintaining personalised, confidential care and upholding data protection standards.

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this Care Certificate Standard 14 online training course, you will be able to:

    • Data identification

      • Accurately identify which personal data are considered security risks within health and social care settings.

    • Standard compliance

      •  Understand and apply the National Data Guardian's standards to ensure data protection and privacy in daily operations.

    • Threat management

      • Effectively recognise and mitigate potential threats to information security by implementing robust preventive measures.

    • Legislative and best practice application

      •  Comprehend and adhere to legislation and best practices for handling sensitive personal data, ensuring legal compliance.

    • Data safeguarding

      •  Utilise established methods and practices to safeguard confidential information, enhancing security protocols within health and care environments.

    Accreditation and Certification

    This online Care Certificate Standard 14 training course is externally peer-reviewed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. It complies with the requirements of Skills for Care and the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), meeting legislative and regulatory standards for health and social care settings. Successful completion grants a CPD certificate, confirming adherence to these high standards for the theory element of this standard.

    Course demo (video)

    Why is the course important?

    The Care Certificate Standard 14 is essential as it equips healthcare workers with the necessary skills to manage sensitive information securely and legally. Understanding how to handle information appropriately helps maintain confidentiality, build trust with patients, and comply with stringent data protection regulations, thereby enhancing the quality of care and support provided.

    Care Certificate Standard 14 - Handling information| ComplyPlus LMS™ | The Mandatory Training Group UK -


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