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About Us

Since 2012, The Mandatory Training Group has been a leading provider of training, compliance, and governance solutions in the UK and globally. Renowned for excellence, we are the preferred partner for organisations in critical sectors like health and social care, early years, children's services, and schools. Our expertise ensures adherence to stringent legal standards from bodies like CQC and Ofsted, enhancing quality, safety, and public trust.

We offer tools and frameworks for effective risk management and operational efficiency, fostering professional development and financial stability. Our commitment to continuous improvement and strong governance helps organisations maintain compliance, secure funding, and build capacity, ensuring trust and excellence in regulated service areas.

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Our Mission

The Mandatory Training Group is dedicated to providing robust, integrated compliance solutions for heavily regulated organisations. Through our state-of-the-art platforms and tools, we streamline and simplify the complex world of regulatory compliance, empowering organisations to focus on their core mission.

Our Vision

We envision a world where regulatory compliance is intuitive, transparent, and efficient, irrespective of the complexity of rules or the size of the organisation. As a global leader in compliance solutions, we aim to revolutionise how organisations navigate regulatory landscapes, enabling them to meet their obligations effortlessly and focus on achieving excellence in their respective fields.

Core Values

Commitment to Excellence

We are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. This commitment permeates every aspect of our work, from the design of our compliance platforms to our customer service. We strive to deliver outstanding value to our customers in every interaction.

Integrity and Transparency

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our operations. Our customers trust us with their compliance needs, and we honour this trust by being open, honest, and accountable in all our dealings.

Collaboration and Partnership

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. Working closely with our clients, we create tailored compliance solutions that meet their unique needs and support their growth.


We are forward thinkers, always looking for new ways to simplify and enhance the compliance process. We leverage cutting-edge technology and the creativity of our team to develop innovative solutions that keep pace with evolving regulatory landscapes.

Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to understanding their needs, exceeding their expectations, and helping them succeed in their compliance journey.

Respect and Inclusivity

We value diversity and foster an inclusive environment that respects all voices. We believe everyone has unique insights to offer, and these varied perspectives enrich our work and the solutions we provide.


ComplyPlus™ integrated regulatory compliance software

ComplyPlus™, born from our expertise in private, public, and educational sectors, revolutionises regulatory compliance management. Tailored for organisations under the purview of the Care Quality Commission, Ofsted, and similar bodies, this integrated software optimises governance and operational efficiency. It effectively counters the high costs and complexities of fragmented systems.

Key features include an accredited learning management system, a comprehensive document repository, and policy and procedure templates. It offers induction, onboarding, tailored compliance, functional skills, refresher, and professional development training. ComplyPlus™ is a one-stop solution for managing compliance and streamlining HR, policies, and training needs.

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Accredited courses and training programmes

We have over 1000 accredited courses spanning health and social care, children’s services, education and other sectors. Our specialised train-the-trainer courses and support for trainers help build in-house training capacity.

Central to our approach, E-learning offers regulated sectors like healthcare and education benefits such as consistent, up-to-date compliance training, flexible access across varied schedules and locations, and significant cost savings by reducing physical resource needs. It's scalable, trackable for compliance, customisable to specific industry needs, and provides an engaging learning experience with rapid content updates. This environmentally friendly method supports ongoing professional development, ensuring compliance and promoting growth.

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ComplyPlus™ learning management system

ComplyPlus LMS™ redefines blended learning with its innovative, cloud-based platform, seamlessly integrating ready-made and custom training. Key features include customisable branding for distinct tenants, focused content segmentation, and autonomous management for streamlined administration.

It's scalable, cost-efficient, and offers centralised oversight for comprehensive organisational monitoring. This system ensures standardised training, robust security, flexible learning access, and an enhanced learner experience. ComplyPlus LMS™ stands out as a versatile, secure solution for modern training challenges and is ideal for evolving organisational needs.

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ComplyPlus™ training management system

ComplyPlus™ is a vital training management system for organisations in regulated sectors, streamlining learning and development record-keeping. It coordinates all training types, including instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and e-learning. The system efficiently manages training logistics, scheduling, and resource allocation while fostering teamwork and effective reporting.

A key feature is enhancing in-house training delivery with integrated quality assurance, accreditation, and certification, ensuring up-to-date record accuracy. ComplyPlus™ also excels in e-learning management, from content to course execution and tracking learner progress.

Benefits include fostering independent training development, comprehensive documentation, external quality review, best practice implementation, detailed learner feedback, and streamlined lesson planning and assessment. Its seamless integration and efficiency and meeting rigorous regulatory standards make ComplyPlus™ a crucial asset for training excellence in regulated environments.

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“All our senior clinicians were delighted with the delivery of the mandatory training courses. They found the course leaders to be very flexible with allocating more time to certain areas at request. The course contents that The Mandatory Training Group had designed were tailored to our workforce, which helped them improve their understanding of the subjects. The application of legislative concepts to practice was excellent.”

Sophie Hartley-Jones

OneHealth Group, Sheffield, UK

“We work with various public sector organisations. Statutory and mandatory training is essential for all our placements. We used The Mandatory Training Group for the blended learning environment they provide for our staff. The online statutory and mandatory training courses adequately meet our regulatory requirements. The Mandatory Trining Group learning management system enabled us to manage our learners and quickly sort out compliance for our workers. The flexibility of pricing and meeting our needs with the mandatory training was beneficial.”

David Sanchez

Eden Brown Synergy, London, UK

“Reed is the largest platform for jobs, recruitment and course in the UK. The Mandatory Training Group is one of our most trusted providers of continuing professional development (CPD) programmes and regulated qualifications. They have provided us with a wide range of learning materials ranging from soft skills, personal development, health and safety, among others. These courses help many job seekers to improve their skills and comply with the current UK and European laws.”

Mansh Bhatti

Reed Courses, London UK

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