Jaden the Explorer.

Hey friends! I'm Jaden, a kid who loves big adventures and standing up against bullying. My days are super cool ā€“ I get to create my own computer games and code in the computer club, build awesome stuff in the construction club, and show my moves in karate.

That's not all! I also sing in the school choir, act in drama, and help the earth in the eco club. Plus, I play many sports like tennis, rugby, swimming, football, and cricket. With my camera, I capture all these amazing moments.

Wanna see what fun stuff I get up to? Join me, and let's have a blast together! šŸŒ³šŸ”āš½šŸŽµšŸ

My Big Mission as an Anti-bullying Ambassador - J.T. Dune - The Mandatory Training Group UK -
Nov 30, 2023

My big mission as an anti-bullying ambassador


Nov 30, 2023

My adventures in learning and exploring


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