Safeguarding Adults for Care Homes - Level 2 (CPDUK Accredited)

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    Safeguarding Adults for Care Homes - Level 2 | Online Training Course | CPDUK Accredited

    Course Duration

    60 minutes

    CPD Hours

    1 hour


    CPD Certification Service


    CPD Certificate

    Certificate Validity

    3 years

    Who is the course for?

    This level 2 safeguarding adults online course is essential for all staff working in care home settings, including residential and nursing homes, who have regular contact with residents, their families, and the public.

    Course content

    This online safeguarding adults for care homes level 2 course covers the following:


    Types of abuse:

    ·        Detailed exploration of ten types of abuse with signs and symptoms.


    ·        Understanding when advocacy is necessary and its role.

    Roles and responsibilities: 

    ·        Clarity on personal and team roles within safeguarding.

    Information sharing and recordkeeping

    ·        Guidelines on effective documentation and legal compliance.

    Key legislation and guidance: 

    ·        Comprehensive overview of relevant laws and guidelines.

    Preventing radicalisation: 

    ·        Identifying risk factors and appropriate responses.


    References and resources

    End of module assessment.

          Course aims

          The aims of this safeguarding adults for care homes level 2 elearning course are to:

          • To deepen understanding of the complexities involved in safeguarding adults.
          • To equip staff with the knowledge to recognise various forms of abuse and the skills to respond effectively.
          • To enhance awareness of the legal context of safeguarding adults, including documentation and reporting.

                  Learning objectives

                  This safeguarding adults for care homes level 2 e-learning course will:

                  • Discuss the key terms and definitions in relation to safeguarding adults.
                  • Review the different types of abuse in adults.
                  • Consider how and when an adult might require an advocate in line with legislation and guidance.
                  • Consider how and when to refer to social care following organisational policies if an adult safeguarding concern is identified. 
                  • Discuss how to document safeguarding concerns appropriately.
                  • Understand how to maintain appropriate records.
                  • Examine the relevant legislation in place to safeguard adults.
                  • Discuss the risk factors for radicalisation.

                            Learning outcomes

                            On completion of this safeguarding adults for care homes level 2 online training course, you will be able to:

                            • Define safeguarding, harm and abuse.
                            • Define the different types of abuse and give examples of the signs, symptoms and indicators.
                            • Ensure effective advocacy is provided where required and is in line with legislation and professional guidance.
                            • Describe your role, responsibilities, professional boundaries, and those of your colleagues in a multidisciplinary team and multi-agency environment.
                            • Analyse how and when to refer to social care following organisational policies if adult safeguarding concerns are identified.
                            • Demonstrate how to appropriately document safeguarding concerns in a format that informs the relevant staff and agencies.
                            • Distinguish fact from opinion.
                            • State the key statutory and non-statutory guidance and legislation for adult safeguarding.
                            • State how to prevent radicalisation in adults and how to support individuals who are being drawn into terrorist-related activities.

                            Accreditation and Certification

                            This CPD-accredited safeguarding adults level 2 e-learning course for care homes is externally peer-reviewed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Upon completion, participants will earn a CPD Certificate valid for three years.

                            The course meets comprehensive compliance requirements set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) and Care Inspectorates (Wales and Scotland), Skills for Care Core and Mandatory Training Framework and the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and other UK health and social care regulatory bodies.

                            Course demo (video)

                            Why is the course important?

                            Safeguarding adults in care environments is vital. This course enables staff to protect vulnerable adults effectively, ensuring their safety, dignity, and rights are upheld in care settings. The training also provides tools to promptly recognise and act on abuse or neglect, integrating legal and ethical considerations into everyday practices.

                            Safeguarding Adults for Care Homes - Level 2 | ComplyPlus LMS™ | The Mandatory Training Group UK -


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