What are liberty protection safeguards?

Navigating liberty protection safeguards: Ensuring dignity and autonomy

In the intricate tapestry of healthcare and social services, preserving individual freedoms while ensuring necessary care can be a delicate balancing act. The introduction of Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) represents a significant stride in safeguarding the rights and dignity of individuals who lack the capacity to make specific decisions. In this blog, Dr Richard Dune delves into this crucial topic. He unravels the essence of LPS, its legal framework, and why it's pivotal in modern care settings.

Key facts and statistics

  • Over 2 million people in England and Wales are estimated to lack the capacity to make decisions about their care and treatment.
  • LPS replaces the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, aiming for a more streamlined and person-centred approach.
  • The Law Commission's recommendations for reform highlight the pressing need for clarity and efficiency in safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Key definitions

  • Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) - A legal framework designed to protect individuals who cannot consent to the arrangements made for their care or treatment while ensuring their rights and freedoms are respected.
  • Deprivation of liberty - Any restrictions on an individual's freedom of movement and liberty within a care setting, which they cannot consent to or challenge.

Relevant legislation, regulations, and best practice

  • Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Provides the statutory framework for making decisions on behalf of individuals who lack capacity.
  • Human Rights Act 1998 - Upholds fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to liberty and security.
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) Guidelines - Set out the standards and expectations for care providers in implementing LPS, emphasising the importance of individual assessment and involvement in decision-making.

Understanding LPS assessments

We are exploring the process of assessing capacity and determining whether restrictions on liberty are necessary.

Person-centred care planning

They highlight the significance of involving individuals and their representatives in care planning and decision-making.

Legal framework and compliance

Navigating the intricacies of LPS within the broader context of mental capacity law and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations.


  • Embrace a proactive approach to LPS implementation, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within care settings.
  • Provide comprehensive training and support for staff in assessing capacity and implementing LPS, empowering them to uphold individuals' rights and dignity.
  • Foster collaborative partnerships with advocacy services and legal experts to navigate complex cases and safeguard vulnerable individuals' best interests.


In the evolving landscape of healthcare and social services, Liberty protection safeguards stand as a beacon of hope, championing the rights and autonomy of those who may be vulnerable. By adhering to the principles of dignity, respect, and person-centred care, we can navigate the complexities of LPS with confidence and compassion, ensuring every individual receives the support they need while preserving their inherent freedoms.

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About the author

Dr Richard Dune

With over 20 years of experience, Richard blends a rich background in NHS, the private sector, academia, and research settings. His forte lies in clinical R&D, advancing healthcare tech, workforce development and governance. His leadership ensures regulatory compliance and innovation align seamlessly.

Navigating liberty protection safeguards: Ensuring dignity and autonomy - ComplyPlus™ - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

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