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    Mental Health Act - Online Training Course - Level 2 - CPDUK Accredited.

    Mental Health Act 2007 - Online Training Course - the Mandatory Training Group UK -

    Welcome to The Mandatory Training Group's online Mental Health Act training course for front-line healthcare and social care providers. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK).

    In most cases, when people are treated in a hospital or another mental health facility, they have agreed or volunteered to be there. They may be referred to as a voluntary patient. But there are cases when a person can be detained, also known as sectioned, under the Mental Health Act (1983) and treated without their agreement.

    The Mental Health Act (1983) is the primary piece of legislation that covers the assessment, treatment and rights of people with a mental health disorder. The Mental Health Act made several critical changes to the 1983 Mental Health Act, which laid down provision for the compulsory detention and treatment of people with mental health problems in England and Wales. All healthcare and social care workers need to know how the Mental Health Act affects their work.

    Course content

    This online Mental Health Act training course covers the following:

    • Introduction into the Mental Health Act,

    • The critical aspects of the Mental Health Act,

    • Overview of the amendments to the Mental Health Act,

    • Four steps of the pathway through compulsion,

    • Putting the law into practice,

    • Implications of the key aspects of the act,

    • Broadening professional roles under the Mental Health Act,

    • Advocacy services,

    • Electroconvulsive therapy guidance,

    • Supervised community treatment,

    • Mental health tribunals,

    • The Code of Practice,

    • Balancing the law and practice,

    • The five Mental Health Act guiding principles,

    • Multi-disciplinary approach,

    • Modernising the Mental Health Act, and

    • Additional online learning resources and references relating to the Mental Health Act.

      Who is this course for?

      The Mandatory Training Group’s Mental Health Act e-Learning course should be completed by nurses and other healthcare and social care staff. This includes:

      • Registered nurses
        • Registered general nurses,
        • Mental health nurses,
        • Learning disability nurses,
        • Locum/agency nurses.
      • Medical doctors
        • Psychiatrists,
        • Hospital doctors,
        • General Practitioners,
        • Locum doctors.
      • Healthcare Assistants
      • Allied Health Professionals
      • Unpaid and voluntary staff working in NHS, the private sector and charities. 

      This Mental Health Act online training is also relevant for health and social care support workers, including charities, nursing and residential home staff. Those who work in security services, such as police officers, will also benefit from our Mental Health Act e-learning course.

        Course aims

        The aims of this course are to improve the learner’s awareness of the current mental health legislation, Code of Practice and be able to apply them in their practice.

        Learning outcomes

        On completion of this Mental Health Act course, the learner will know more about the following:

        • Introduction to the Mental Health Act:
          • The prevalence of mental health in the UK,
          • The primary purpose of the Mental Health Act,
          • The Code of Practice,
          • Key definitions, and 
          • Key abbreviations that are used in this course.
        • The guiding principles of the Mental Health Act:
          • Nine key aspects of the Act,
          • Pathway through compulsion, and
          • The Mental Health Tribunal.
        • Putting the law into practice:
          • Understanding the significance of the key aspects,
          • Identifying the appropriate medical treatment test,
          • Recognising age-appropriate services,
          • Broadening professional roles,
          • Understanding advocacy services and supervised community treatment,
          • Understanding the process of electroconvulsive therapy,
          • Mental Health Tribunals, and
          • The Code of Practice,
        • Balancing the law and practice:
          • Understanding how the Code protects the patient’s human rights, and
          • The significance of the guiding principles.
        • The five guiding principles:
          • The application of the guiding principles into practice,
          • Giving consideration of all the factors,
          • Ensuring quality, and
          • Involving patients in their care.
        • A multidisciplinary approach:
          • Modernising the Mental Health Act, and
          • Understanding different patient scenarios.

        Mental Health Act 2007 - Online Training Course - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

        Mental Health Act - Online Training Course - Level 2 - CPDUK Accredited.


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