Dysphagia Awareness - Level 2 - E-Learning Course - CPDUK Accredited

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    Dysphagia Awareness - Online Training Course - Level 2 - CPDUK Accredited.

    Dysphagia Awareness - Level 2 - Online Learning Courses - E-Learning Courses - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

    Welcome to The Mandatory Training Group's online Dysphagia Awareness training course. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK).

    Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulty. It stems from Ancient Greek: Dys = difficult + Phagia = eating. It translates as difficulty eating. This online Dysphagia Awareness training course provides an in-depth understanding of dysphagia and introduces ways to best support people with dysphagia.

    Course content

    This online Dysphagia Awareness training course covers the following:

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction to dysphagia
    • Chapter 2 - Coughing and swallowing difficulties
    • Chapter 3 - Choking
    • Chapter 4 - Identifying those with eating and drinking difficulties
    • Chapter 5 - Your role in managing dysphagia
    • Chapter 6 - A practical approach to dysphagia management
    • Summary.

            Who is the course for?

            This online Dysphagia Awareness training course is suitable for those who work in health and social care settings, including:

            • Caregivers
            • Support workers
            • Nurses and nursing staff
            • Healthcare assistants
            • Health and social care support workers.

                        Course aims

                        The aims of this online Dysphagia Awareness training course are to:

                        • Provide awareness and understanding of dysphagia.
                        • Help you to understand the IDDSI framework.
                        • Teach you how best to support and manage people with dysphagia.

                        Learning objectives

                        On completion of this Dysphagia Awareness e-learning course, the learner will be able to:

                        • Explain what is meant by dysphagia.
                        • Describe the signs and symptoms of dysphagia.
                        • Explain how to support a resident with dysphagia to eat and drink as safely and comfortably as possible.
                        • Identify those that are at a higher risk of having dysphagia.
                        • Explain how to find help when managing an individual with dysphagia.
                        • Identify when someone has a swallowing problem and know what first actions to take.
                        • Know when and how to refer to SLT.
                        • Understand the complications which can arise from dysphagia.

                            Learning outcomes

                            On completion of this online Dysphagia Awareness training course, the learner will be able to:

                            • Define the term dysphagia.
                            • Explain the impact of dysphagia on a person and their health.
                            • Define the term aspiration.
                            • Know the relationship between the digestive tract and the breathing tube.
                            • Define the term silent aspiration.
                            • Explain the causes of choking.
                            • List the signs and symptoms of choking.
                            • Illustrate how to perform abdominal thrusts.
                            • Outline the causes of choking.
                            • Differentiate between mild and severe choking.
                            • Know how best to support people with dysphagia.

                            Dysphagia Awareness - Level 2 - Online Learning Courses - E-Learning Courses - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

                            Dysphagia Awareness - Online Training Course - Level 2 - CPDUK Accredited.


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