Safeguarding Adults for Homecare (Domiciliary Care) - Level 3

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    Safeguarding Adults for Homecare (Domiciliary Care) - Level 3 | Online Training Course | CPDUK Accredited

    Course Duration

    180 minutes

    CPD Hours

    3 hours


    CPD Certification Service


    CPD Certificate

    Certificate Validity

    3 years

    Who is the course for?

    This advanced safeguarding adults for homecare online course is essential for all staff engaged in assessing, planning, intervening, and evaluating the needs of adults within homecare settings, where safeguarding concerns are prevalent. It's especially relevant for roles requiring detailed knowledge and management of safeguarding practices.

    Course content

    This online safeguarding adults for homecare level 3 course covers the following:


    • Overview of safeguarding within the homecare context, setting the stage for deeper learning.

    Types of abuse in adults: 

    • Detailed exploration of physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse, including legal definitions and recognisable signs.

    Key legislation:

    • Comprehensive review of adult safeguarding laws and regulations, including the Care Act 2014 and Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

    Assessing the risk of harm:

    • Techniques for identifying and evaluating risks to adults in homecare settings.

    Effective communication:

    • Strategies for clear and sensitive communication with adults at risk, including those with communication impairments.

    Actions to take following safeguarding concerns:

    • Step-by-step procedures for responding to suspicions or evidence of abuse or neglect.

    Reviewing safeguarding practice:

    • Methods for auditing and improving safeguarding practices within a care organisation.

    Effective safeguarding supervision:

    • Guidance on providing supervisory support to staff managing safeguarding cases.

    Safeguarding meetings and enquiries:

    • Protocols for conducting and contributing to safeguarding meetings and formal enquiries.


    • Recapitulation of key points and preparation for the assessment.

    References and resources: 

    • Curated list of further reading and resources to expand knowledge beyond the course content.

    End of module assessment: 

    • Evaluation designed to test comprehension and application of course material.

        Course aims

        The aims of this online safeguarding adults level 3 for domiciliary care course are to:

        • To deepen understanding of risk assessment and adult protection.
        • To enhance communication with adults at risk.
        • To prepare participants to lead and review safeguarding practices within homecare environments.

                Learning objectives

                This advanced safeguarding adults for homecare e-learning course will:

                • Establish the signs and symptoms of harm and abuse in adults.
                • Discuss ways to assess and safeguard a vulnerable adult.
                • Consider how to complete a care plan for an adult who has been or may be subjected to abuse, harm or neglect.
                • Discuss how to effectively communicate with adults at risk of harm and abuse, especially when there are mental capacity issues, learning disabilities or other communication needs. 
                • Establish where to find additional sources of help and support.
                • Discuss how to review organisational safeguarding practices effectively.
                • Examine the importance of supervision and how to deliver and receive adequate safeguarding supervision. 
                • Consider the lessons learnt from serious case reviews and how to play a vital role in serious case reviews, safeguarding enquiries and multidisciplinary meetings.

                        Learning outcomes

                        Upon completing this online safeguarding adults for domiciliary care training course level 3, learners will be equipped to:

                        • Identify possible signs of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect using a person-centred approach.
                        • Identify adults experiencing abuse, harm or neglect who have caring responsibilities for other adults and make appropriate referrals.
                        • State how to contribute and make considered judgements on safeguarding adults at risk.
                        • Communicate effectively with adults at risk, particularly those with mental capacity issues, learning disabilities or communication needs.
                        • Undertake, where appropriate, a risk and/or harm assessment.
                        • Demonstrate a clear understanding of forensic procedures in adult safeguarding and know how to relate these to practise to meet legal requirements as required.
                        • Explain how to formulate and communicate effective care plans for adults who have been or may be subjected to abuse, harm or neglect.
                        • Demonstrate an understanding of the issues surrounding suspicion of adult abuse, harm and neglect and how to manage uncertainty and risk effectively.
                        • Describe how to contribute to inter-agency assessments.
                        • Analyse how to document concerns in a manner that is appropriate for adult safeguarding protection and legal processes.
                        • Analyse how to advise others on appropriate information sharing.
                        • State how to undertake documented reviews of your own (and/or team) adult safeguarding as appropriate to the role.
                        • Explain how to deliver and receive supervision within effective supervision and/or peer review models and recognise the potential personal impact of adult safeguarding on professionals.
                        • State how to apply the lessons learnt from audits, serious case reviews, case management reviews, and significant case reviews to improve practice.
                        • Distinguishing how to obtain support and help when safeguarding problems requires further expertise and experience.
                        • State how to participate in and chair multidisciplinary meetings as required.
                        • Demonstrate the skills required to participate in a safeguarding enquiry.

                        Accreditation and Certification

                        This CPD-accredited safeguarding adults level 3 e-learning course for homecare is externally peer-reviewed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Upon completion, participants will earn a CPD Certificate valid for three years.

                        The course meets comprehensive compliance requirements set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) and Care Inspectorates (Wales and Scotland), Skills for Care Core and Mandatory Training Framework and the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and other UK health and social care regulatory bodies.

                        Course demo (video)

                        Why is the course important?

                        Effective safeguarding is crucial in protecting the most vulnerable from abuse and neglect. This course empowers staff with the skills to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions, ensuring that adults in homecare settings live in safety and dignity. This training supports compliance with the Skills for Care Core and Mandatory Training, CQC, and other relevant UK regulatory requirements, ensuring that staff are well-prepared to address safeguarding concerns proactively.

                        Safeguarding Adults for Homecare (Domiciliary Care) - Level 3 | ComplyPlus LMS™ | The Mandatory Training Group UK -


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