Paediatric First Aid - Level 3 (CPDUK accredited)

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    Paediatric First Aid - Level 3 | Online Training Course | CPDUK Accredited

    Course Duration 10 hours
    CPD Hours 10 hours
    Accreditation CPD Certification Service
    Certification CPD Certificate
    Certificate Validity 3 years

    Who is the course for? 

    This comprehensive paediatric first aid level 3 online course is tailored for individuals who work with or care for children, especially in settings where first aid skills are critical to job responsibilities. Ideal participants include:

    • Teachers and classroom assistants

    • School administration and support staff

    • Nursery workers

    • After-school club and sports activity coordinators

    • Childminders, nannies, and au-pairs.

              Course content

              This online level 3 paediatric first aid course covers the following:

              Part 1 - Basic first aid and emergency response

              Introduction to first aid

              •  Understanding the importance and fundamentals of first aid.

              Roles and responsibilities

              • Detailed roles of a paediatric first aider, including legal duties.

              Emergency protocols

              • How to effectively manage initial contact and communication in emergencies.

              First aid kit essentials

              •  Specific items needed in a paediatric first aid kit and their uses.

              Unconscious child assessment

              • Techniques to assess and manage an unconscious child or infant.

              Recovery positions

              • Safe positioning for babies and children to ensure open airways.

              CPR techniques

              • Step-by-step CPR instructions for infants and children.


              • Methods to alleviate choking in young patients.

              Part 2 - Managing common childhood injuries and illnesses

              Head and spinal Injuries

              •  Identification and first aid management.


              • Signs, symptoms, and emergency response.

              Burns and shock

              •  Effective treatment options and care.

              Minor wounds

              • First aid for bruises, grazes, eye infections, bee stings, and animal bites.


              • Emergency response to severe allergic reactions.

              Part 3 - Handling serious emergencies

              Bone Injuries 

              • First aid for fractures and dislocations.

              Soft tissue injuries

              •  Care for sprains and strains.


              •  Managing diabetic emergencies in children.

              Poisoning and electric shock

              •  Response strategies and treatment.

              Extreme temperatures and fever

              • Management of hypothermia, hyperthermia, and fever-related conditions such as febrile convulsions.

              Part 4 - Recap and specific conditions

              Review of first aid procedures

              • Refresh on primary and secondary surveys, recovery positions, and CPR.

              Management of specific conditions

              • Detailed strategies for handling croup, meningitis, sepsis, asthma, and drowning scenarios.

              Each section is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to handle various paediatric first aid situations confidently. This training ensures that participants can effectively address potential emergencies involving children, adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines.

                      Course aims

                      The aims of this paediatric first aid level 3 online course are to:

                      • Equip participants with knowledge and skills for effective paediatric first aid.

                      • Enhance confidence in managing children and babies' illnesses, injuries, and emergencies.

                      • Foster understanding of the critical role first aid plays in the safety and well-being of children.

                            Learning objectives

                            This paediatric first aid level 3 e-learning course will:

                            • Define the roles and responsibilities of paediatric first aiders, ensuring alignment with first aid regulations.

                            • Outline the essential components of a paediatric first aid kit, detailing their specific uses.

                            • Demonstrate assessment techniques for an unconscious child or infant, including correct placement in the recovery position.

                            • Instruct on performing CPR and using an AED on children and infants, with adjustments for their unique physiological needs.

                            • Teach emergency management strategies for everyday paediatric situations such as choking, seizures, and anaphylaxis.

                            • Guide on treating specific injuries in children, including head and spinal injuries, burns, and severe bleeding.

                            • Provide response protocols for complex paediatric conditions like diabetic emergencies, asthma, meningitis, sepsis, and febrile convulsions.

                            • Discuss the management of poisoning and extreme temperature exposures, focusing on paediatric considerations.

                            Learning outcomes

                            Upon completion of the paediatric first aid level 3 online training course, learners will be able to:

                            • Identify the roles and responsibilities of paediatric first aiders, ensuring readiness to act in an emergency, including knowledge of emergency contact protocols.

                            • Detail the essential items in a paediatric first aid kit and demonstrate their practical applications.

                            • Assess an unconscious child or infant, effectively evaluating their condition and implementing necessary first aid measures.

                            • Perform the recovery position correctly for both conscious and unconscious children, adapting for suspected spinal injuries when needed.

                            • Conduct a comprehensive secondary assessment to determine the severity and nature of injuries or illnesses accurately.

                            • Administer CPR effectively to children and infants, maintaining essential life functions until professional help arrives.

                            • Manage choking emergencies using appropriate techniques tailored for children and infants.

                            • Recognise and respond to common paediatric emergencies, such as seizures, burns, anaphylaxis, and head injuries, applying correct first aid procedures.

                            • Apply appropriate first aid treatments for burn wounds, and use bandages correctly.

                            • Handle complex paediatric conditions, including bone, muscle, and joint injuries, diabetic emergencies, asthma attacks, meningitis, sepsis, febrile convulsions, and exposure to extreme temperatures.

                            • Respond effectively to poisoning and electric shock incidents, providing immediate and effective first aid care.

                            These learning outcomes align with the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 and meet the standards set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other relevant UK regulatory bodies. This ensures comprehensive training in paediatric first aid, which ensures learners are well-equipped to handle a wide range of paediatric emergencies effectively.

                                  Accreditation and Certification

                                  This CPD-accredited paediatric first aid level 3 e-learning course is externally peer-reviewed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Upon completion, participants will earn a CPD Certificate valid for three years.

                                  The course meets comprehensive compliance requirements set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) and Care Inspectorates (Wales and Scotland), Skills for Care Core and Mandatory Training Framework and the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and other UK health and social care regulatory bodies.

                                  Course demo (video)

                                              Why is the course important?

                                              Paediatric first aid training is vital for anyone responsible for children's care, providing crucial skills to address and manage medical emergencies. This training ensures injuries can be promptly and effectively managed, greatly reducing the potential severity of accidents and improving outcomes for affected children.

                                              Paediatric First Aid - Level 3 | ComplyPlus LMS™ | The Mandatory Training Group UK -


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