CSTF Safeguarding Children (Healthcare) - Level 1

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    CSTF Safeguarding Children (Healthcare) - Level 1 | Online Training Course | CPDUK Accredited

    Course Duration

    60 minutes

    CPD Hours

    1 hour


    CPD Certification Service


    CPD Certificate

    Certificate Validity

    3 years

    Who is the course for?

    This level 1 CSTF safeguarding children e-learning course is designed for all staff working in healthcare settings who may come into contact with children or be involved in their care.

    Course content

    This online CSTF safeguarding children level 1 course covers the following:

    • The identification of child maltreatment signs and the nuanced understanding of its multiple forms, ranging from physical and emotional abuse to neglect and sexual exploitation.
    • A detailed exploration of child exploitation mechanisms, highlighting grooming, trafficking, online abuse, and the contemporary challenges posed by digital platforms.
    • An in-depth review of pivotal legal frameworks aimed at protecting children, featuring key legislation such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Children Act 2004, and supplementary acts reinforcing child safety and rights.
    • Detailed guidance on the procedures for reporting concerns about child maltreatment, emphasising the responsibilities of healthcare professionals in recognising and acting upon indicators of abuse or neglect.
    • An examination of the profound impact of parental behaviour on children's well-being, including discussions on the 'toxic trio' of domestic violence, substance misuse, and mental health issues, and the critical importance of safeguarding children's rights within healthcare and social care environments.

    *This course aligns with the UK CSTF, meeting CQC and Care Inspectorate standards, and adheres to UK health and social care regulations. It equips participants with essential knowledge and tools for effectively safeguarding children and young people in professional healthcare roles.

      Course aims

      The aims of this level 1 CSTF safeguarding children online course are to:

      • Equip learners with the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to signs of child maltreatment effectively.
      • Promote an understanding of the legal and procedural framework surrounding safeguarding children in healthcare settings.

          Learning objectives

          This CSTF safeguarding children level 1 eLearning course will:

          • Establish the different indicators of child abuse.
          • Discuss child exploitation and online abuse.
          • Establish the vulnerability of children.
          • Measure the impact of a parent/carer’s physical and mental health on child wellbeing.
          • Devise a plan on what action to take to ensure safeguarding children at risk of harm.

          Learning outcomes

          Upon completion of this online CSTF safeguarding children level 1 course, learners will be able to:

          • Recognise the various indicators of child maltreatment, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, neglect, and signs of radicalisation.
          • Understand the issues surrounding child trafficking, FGM, forced marriage, modern slavery, gang involvement, electronic media abuse, sexual exploitation, and the concept of county lines.
          • Be informed about the risks associated with the internet and online social networking, particularly concerning child safety.
          • Identify the vulnerabilities of specific groups, including looking
          • After children, children with disabilities, unaccompanied minors, care leavers, young carers, and missing children.
          • Grasp the significant impact of a parent or carer's physical and mental health on a child's well-being, including the effects of domestic abuse, violence, and substance misuse.
          • Acknowledge the critical importance of upholding children's rights within the safeguarding and child protection contexts.
          • Know the appropriate steps to take when safeguarding concerns arise, including reporting procedures and sources of advice.
          • Be familiar with relevant legislation impacting child safeguarding, including the Children's Acts of 1989 and 2004, Children and Social Work Act 2017, and the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

          These outcomes align with the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) recommendations and the regulatory requirements of bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Care Inspectorates, ensuring a comprehensive and compliant educational experience.

          Accreditation and Certification

            This level 1 CSTF safeguarding children online training course was externally peer-reviewed and accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Upon completion, learners will receive a CPD certificate valid for 3 years that complies with the HealthTrust Europe (HTE), Crown Commercial Services (CCS), and NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) frameworks.

            Course demo (video)

            Why is the course important?

            Safeguarding children is a pivotal aspect of healthcare provision. This level 1 CSTF safeguarding children eLearning course underscores the importance of protecting children from harm and abuse, ensuring healthcare professionals can identify risks and take appropriate actions.

            Aligning with NHS frameworks and UK CSTF guidelines, it emphasises the collective responsibility in healthcare to maintain high standards of care and child safety.

            CSTF Safeguarding Children (Healthcare) - Level 1 | ComplyPlus LMS™ | The Mandatory Training Group UK -


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