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    Cryotherapy - Online Training Course - Level 3 - CPDUK Accredited. 

    Welcome to The Mandatory Training Group's online Cryotherapy training course for frontline healthcare providers.

    This online Cryotherapy training course was developed in line with the latest UK legislation and meet the requirements set out by the National Health Service (NHS), UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Skills for Care, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other professional and regulatory bodies.

    The Mandatory Training Group is a leading UK provider of accredited online training courses, programmes and qualifications that are approved by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK), Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), IATP, IFE, IIRSM and Gatehouse Awards.

    Course content

    This online Cryotherapy training course includes the following:

    • Unit 1 – Introduction to cryotherapy
    • Unit 2 – Treatment of skin cancers
    • Unit 3 – Clinical applications
    • Unit 4 – Looking after the treated area
    • Unit 5 – Treatment modalities using cryotherapy
    • Unit 6 – Cryotherapy complications

    Who is the course for?

    This online Cryotherapy training course was developed for doctors, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals who use cryotherapy in their practice.

    Cryotherapy treatments are increasingly getting popular across the UK. It is therefore essential for healthcare professionals who use these treatments to understand how they work, side effects, their safe handling and applications. This online Cryotherapy training course helps healthcare practitioners who use cryotherapy treatments to consider vital elements around their contraindications, safe use, health and safety issues, side effects and complications.

    Course aims

    The aims and objectives of this online Cryotherapy training course are to improve healthcare practitioners’ understanding of cryotherapy treatments and the safety requirements they should adhere to.

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this online Cryotherapy training course, learners will:

    • Be able to define cryotherapy and its mechanisms of action,
    • Know the types of cryotherapy freezing treatments and their clinical applications,
    • Understand the legislation and regulations relating to safe storage, handling and use of medical gases,
    • Understand the methods used to treat skin cancers,
    • Know the treatment modalities using cryotherapy,
    • Know the side effects of cryotherapy treatments,
    • Understand the contraindications and complications of cryotherapy,
    • Understand the importance of looking after areas that have been treated, and
    • Know your professional responsibilities and need to follow local guidelines, policies and procedures.

    Cryotherapy - Online Training Course - Level 3 - CPDUK Accredited. 


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