Why is paediatric first aid important?

Understanding the critical importance of paediatric first aid: A must-have skill for everyone

First aid is a crucial skill that everyone should learn, especially when it concerns the wellbeing of children. Paediatric first aid, tailored specifically for infants and young children, is not only a requirement for professionals in childcare but also a vital knowledge area for parents, teachers, and the community. In this blog, Rose delves into the importance of paediatric first aid, underpinned by key statistics, legislation, and best practices to illustrate why this skill is indispensable.

What is paediatric first aid?

Paediatric first aid refers to the immediate care given to infants and children who are injured or fall ill before professional medical help can be reached. This includes techniques and procedures that cater to the unique medical needs of younger patients.

Key facts and statistics

  • Emergency readiness - Children are more susceptible to accidents and emergencies. According to the NHS, the majority of accidents involving children happen at home or in school settings.
  • Impact on child survival - Research indicates that timely and effective first aid can significantly reduce fatalities and severe outcomes in emergency situations.

Relevant legislation and regulations

  • Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 - This mandates that employers, including those in education and childcare settings, ensure adequate first aid provision.
  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2021 - Specifically requires paediatric first aid training for at least one person in early years settings who is available at all times.

Best practices in paediatric first aid

  • Immediate response - Quick response times are critical in paediatric emergencies due to the smaller physiological reserve in children.
  • Regular training - Continuous updating of skills through accredited courses, such as those offered by The Mandatory Training Group, ensures readiness and competence.

Why paediatric first aid training is essential

For healthcare and childcare professionals

Professionals working directly with children, such as paediatric nurses, childcare providers, and teachers, must be proficient in paediatric first aid to meet both regulatory requirements and ethical obligations.

For parents and guardians

Parents and guardians bear the primary responsibility for the safety of their children. Understanding paediatric first aid empowers them to act confidently and correctly during a crisis.

Community safety

Community members trained in paediatric first aid contribute to safer environments for children, whether in parks, schools, or residential areas.

Practical applications of paediatric first aid

  • Choking and breathing issues - Techniques such as back blows and chest thrusts can be lifesaving when a child is choking.
  • Cuts and bruises - Proper handling of minor injuries to prevent infections.
  • Seizures and allergic reactions - Recognizing early signs and providing initial care until medical help arrives.


  • Undertake certified training - Engage with accredited training providers like The Mandatory Training Group to ensure comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge.
  • Awareness campaigns - Schools and community centres should host regular paediatric first aid workshops.
  • Policy advocacy - Advocate for policies that mandate paediatric first aid training for all school and childcare staff.


The knowledge of paediatric first aid is a safeguard that surrounds our children with a first layer of protection. It is an essential skill set that every individual responsible for a child's care should possess, not only to comply with the law but to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children.

Are you ready to be a lifeline for children in need? Click here to sign up for our accredited paediatric first aid courses and ensure you are prepared to make a difference when it matters most.

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Always seek professional medical assistance in emergency situations.

About the author

Rose Mabiza

Rose has dedicated over 15 years to improving health and social care quality through practice, targeted education and training. Her extensive experience includes working with older adults, individuals with mental health conditions, and people with autism and learning disabilities.

Understanding the critical importance of paediatric first aid - ComplyPlus™ - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

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