What is statutory and mandatory training for care homes?

What is Statutory and Mandatory Training for Care Homes? - CPD Certified - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Care home is a generic term defined as “a small institution providing accommodation and care for people who are unable to look after themselves". There are different types of care homes for the elderly, including nursing home and residential home.

Care homes provide care and treatment to vulnerable individuals and those who need support in managing day-to-day life. The quality of care provided is determined mainly by the staff within the service, many of whom are care assistants.

As COVID-19 continues to affect the lives of service users and care home staff, mandatory and statutory training is deemed more important now than ever. Knowing what and when to provide appropriate care and treatment plays a significant part in keeping everyone safe from avoidable harm.

We were looking at care homes and the limitations to which mandatory and statutory training for care home providers, including residential home staff and nursing home workers, can be completed.

Let’s start by defining the terms statutory training and mandatory training in the context of care homes.

What is statutory training for care homes?

Essential mandatory training courses for care home staff: What you need to know - Dr Richard Dune -

Statutory training refers to courses that all care home staff members must undertake to ensure that the care home meets its legislative duties and/or requirements.

Furthermore, statutory training involves learning that all residential home and nursing home staff must undertake to ensure an organisation is meeting its legislative duties.

Which courses are statutory in care homes?

The importance of statutory training in care homes: Ensuring compliance and quality care - Dr Richard Dune -

Statutory courses in care homes include:

  • Awareness of the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)
  • When and how to report injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR)
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Information Governance and Data Security
  • Moving and Handling of People
  • Mental Capacity Act and DoLS.

This is not an exhaustive list. Statutory training for care homes, both residential and nursing homes, varies depending on their risk assessment and needs analysis.

What is mandatory training for care homes?

Understanding statutory and mandatory training in residential homes: A complete overview - Dr Richard Dune -

Mandatory training is vital for the safe and effective delivery of care home services, reducing organisational risks and enforcing strict compliance with local policies, regulations and legislation.

Care home mandatory training will depend on the workforce needs, types of services, risks encountered, as well as legal frameworks and country-specific requirements. The key is to enable staff to take part in learning and development that is relevant and appropriate so that they can carry out their role effectively.

Which training courses are mandatory for care homes?

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The most common statutory and mandatory training courses for care homes include:

  • Understanding your Role
  • Your Personal Development
  • Duty of Care
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Working in a Person-centred Way
  • Communication
  • Privacy and Dignity
  • Fluids and Nutrition
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Basic Life Support.

This is not an exhaustive list. Care providers must conduct risk assessments and training needs analysis to determine which courses to take and at what level. 

Why is statutory and mandatory training for care homes important?

The vital role of mandatory training in effective care delivery: Empowering staff and ensuring safety - Dr Richard Dune -

Mandatory training for care homes supports staff to meet professional standards. It also encourages a safe working environment for staff, which will then help ensure safe and effective care for all its service users, creating a positive workplace culture.

The Care Standards Act 2000 (standard 28) requires a three-day annual training for care home staff.

There’s often confusion regarding the terms statutory and mandatory training. For the rest of the article, we will use mandatory training for both statutory and mandatory training.

What is Statutory and Mandatory Training for Care Homes? - E-Learning Courses - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

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