Why I’m now telling my story publicly

Rose Mabiza • 3 mins read

15 March 2023

Why I’m now telling my story publicly in Greater Manchester - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

I had an overwhelming response to my first blog. I was blown away by the response and the number of comments and shares. Some people emailed directly, and others picked up the phone and called. Several women told me they had also pushed back their careers to take care of their families. It hit me right away that I was speaking for many women. Interestingly enough, several men got in touch too.

My second blog in London - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

My second blog

Our everyday lives are filled with challenges, but they shouldn't keep us from achieving our goals. Releasing my first blog was a big step in achieving my long parked goals and dreams. It paved way for many people to ask me questions and some of which were the following:

  • Do you train people?
  • Do you do websites for business?
  • Do you offer nurse aide courses?
  • Do you have a certificate of sponsorship (COS)?
  • How do I do blogs?

Now that I have begun telling my story, I am determined to continue doing so. I will explain why I am doing what I am doing and why I have decided to begin sharing my story publicly. Many women do not step forward. They just need encouragement just as I have received it.

Launching my professional profile in Birmingham - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Launching my professional profile

Thanks to the overwhelming feedback on my first blog, I've relaunched my Facebook profile and converted it to a professional one. I wasn't expecting many people I've met at different stages of my life to respond. In addition to well wishes and encouragement, they wanted to know more about the projects I'm working on.

Most people read my entire blog post, which had 900 words. Some people asked how they could do something similar, which was heartwarming. Several people asked what's next, what I've been doing, and what kind of services we offered.

Don’t be scared to tell your story in Manchester - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Don’t be scared to tell your story

First time blogging, I was scared no one would relate to my story and read it. I was told you never know how people will react or respond when you post something publicly. You might change a person's life or even change the world with your story.

It now makes sense why musicians or big artists like Beyonce describe their experience as overwhelming when they're interviewed or when they win awards. I thought they were pretentious when they said this, but now I get it. It's a blessing to have people around who believe in me and encourage me.

Why I’m now telling my story publicly in Liverpool - Conclusion - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -


When I published my first blog, I was blown away by the response. It was awesome to find out people read the blog and found it helpful. I've learned so much from the people around me, including researchers, copywriters, designers, photographers, and marketers.

Many women have been inspired by the story, and I'm grateful to have friends who've helped me share it. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I appreciate any feedback. I will be writing another entry soon.

Why I’m now telling my story publicly in Nottingham - About The Mandatory Training Group UK -

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