Guiding light of love: A tribute to an extraordinary son

Rose Mabiza • 7 mins read

05 December 2023

Guiding light of love: A tribute to an extraordinary son in London - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

In the tapestry of life, some threads stand out brighter and more vibrant than the rest. Today, as I sit down to write, I find my heart brimming with pride, gratitude, and immeasurable joy as I shift the spotlight from my journey to shine it on someone who has been a beacon of light in our lives.

My eldest son – a young man of humility, compassion, boundless love, and a serene presence that illuminates, all with a touch of playful humour – is the star of today's narrative. Help me celebrate him a week after his birthday as we share a birth month, our hearts forever connected by a mere four-day difference.

Sibling love in the face of autism in Birmingham - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Sibling love in the face of autism

In a world that often applauds individual achievements, I am compelled to celebrate a soul who embodies selflessness and unwavering support. As parents, we're often the ones imparting lessons, but from the moment my son took his first steps, he started teaching me lessons in love, kindness, perseverance, and the delightful art of humour.

From the earliest days, it was evident that he shared an extraordinary connection with his younger brother. As the pages of time turned, this connection transformed into a bond that defies words. Raising a child on the autism spectrum comes with its share of challenges, but I've had the privilege of being accompanied by a partner-in-arms who is not only a loving brother but also a steadfast pillar of strength.

A caring sibling and advocate in Manchester - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

A caring sibling and advocate

At an age when most youngsters are still figuring out their own identity, my eldest son embraced the role of a caring sibling with an open heart. He delved into books and documentaries, seeking to understand the complexities of his brother's world. This thirst for knowledge was not born out of obligation but pure love – a testament to his character. The empathy he displayed was not limited to the confines of our home.

In a world that often misunderstands autism, he stood up as an advocate, a voice for his brother and all those like him. He confronted ignorance with knowledge, replacing judgment with compassion. His unwavering support extended beyond mere words, as he demonstrated what it truly means to be an ally through his actions.

Radiating calmness and humour in Liverpool - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Radiating calmness and humour

One of the qualities that make my son exceptional is his remarkable calmness. In a chaotic and demanding world, he possesses a serenity that radiates tranquillity to all those around him. This sense of calm has been a soothing balm during moments of turmoil, a source of stability that has helped us navigate the twists and turns of life. But his calmness isn't merely about tranquillity; it's woven with the threads of humour. With a heart full of playfulness, he brings laughter into our lives, reminding us to find joy even in the smallest moments. His lighthearted spirit is a testament to his ability to balance seriousness with a dash of levity.

His influence goes beyond our immediate family. He illuminates lives and shines a light on the people around us. His presence radiates positivity and warmth, touching the hearts of those fortunate enough to know him. Through his actions, he demonstrates the power of compassion, kindness, and a touch of humour, inspiring others to follow his example.

Nurturing distant bonds in Bristol - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Nurturing distant bonds

Time marched on, and he entered university, beginning a new chapter in his life. Distance might separate us physically, but the bond between siblings remains unbreakable. Video calls are our lifelines, allowing my younger son to share his world and experiences with his beloved elder brother.

Despite the demands of his studies, my son ensures that he remains a part of our lives, visiting whenever he can. Their moments together are precious – walks, movies, and shared meals that strengthen the foundation of their relationship.

A message of love and pride in Coventry - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

A message of love and pride

To my dear son, know that you are a source of immeasurable pride and joy. Your selflessness, kindness, and compassion inspire everyone around you. You've embraced your role as a brother with grace, understanding, and a maturity that belies your age. Your unwavering support has been a guiding light through the challenging terrain of autism, and your love has been a balm to all our hearts.

As you continue to carve your path in this world, remember that your actions speak volumes about the remarkable person you are. Your brother's journey is not just his; it's yours, too, and you've walked it with remarkable dignity. Your love and dedication reflect the beauty of your soul.

I want you to know that I love you more than words can express. Your humility, caring nature, and boundless love make me grateful every day for the gift of being your parent. As you face the adventures that lie ahead, always remember that your family stands beside you, cheering you on. May your path be strewn with achievements, love, and all the happiness you deserve.

Happy belated birthday, my remarkable son – the embodiment of love, support, and unwavering strength, and a special gift I have been given to share this birth month just four days apart. Your calming presence is a gift that enriches our lives and brings peace to our hearts. Your light shines on us and everyone you encounter, making the world a better place with your presence and playful heart. Stay humble, and let your radiant spirit continue to light up the lives of those around you.

Guiding light of love: A tribute to an extraordinary son in Newcastle - Conclusion - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -


Today’s spotlight shines as we celebrate the birth of an extraordinary individual - my son. As I reflect on the joys, challenges, and growth we've experienced, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the gift of his presence.

May this day serve as a reminder to cherish the small yet significant moments, and may we continue to celebrate the milestones and successes in our lives. Here's to more laughter, love, and cherished memories as we journey forward together.

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