Embracing change: Transitioning from summer adventures to back-to-school

Rose Mabiza • 5 mins read

20 November 2023

Embracing change: Transitioning from summer adventures to back-to-school in London - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

As the warm embrace of summer gradually yields to the crisp allure of autumn, our household is abuzz with a unique mix of excitement and anticipation. The reason? It's time for my son to head back to school after a long, adventure-filled summer holiday.

In this blog, I'll share our family's journey in preparing for this transition and our hopes and dreams for the new school year. From the whirlwind of summer activities to the careful preparations for the return to school, join us in this reflection on embracing change and new beginnings.

Embracing seasonal changes in Birmingham - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Embracing seasonal changes

As the weather changes, we anticipate challenges for our son, who struggles with weather-related transitions. But we are determined to help him adapt comfortably and appreciate the beauty in change.

We will communicate with him about the upcoming changes, explaining the reasons behind them and discussing any differences he may notice. We will establish a routine that includes strategies like appropriate clothing and calming techniques to help him manage discomfort. We will also engage him in activities that embrace the unique aspects of each season, encouraging him to find joy and curiosity in the changes.

If needed, we will seek professional guidance to provide additional support tailored to his specific needs. By implementing these measures, we are confident our son will become more comfortable and adaptable to weather changes, ultimately appreciating the beauty that awaits in every transition.

New academic adventure life in Manchester - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

New academic adventure

It is truly a heartwarming experience to witness the genuine excitement radiating from our son as he looks forward to returning to school. His enthusiasm is contagious, and it fills us with immense joy.

Seeing his eagerness to embark on a new academic journey reminds us of the endless possibilities that await him during this upcoming school year. We couldn't be prouder or happier knowing that he is eager to face new challenges and make the most of his educational experience.

Preparing for the return to school in Liverpool - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Preparing for the return to school

We have been devoting our time in the past week to ensuring our son is prepared for the upcoming school year. This period of preparation is crucial in helping him transition back into the school routine. By providing him with new school supplies, organising his schedule, and having meaningful conversations about what to expect, our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We believe that this thoughtful approach will help him start the year off on the right foot and instil confidence and excitement for the upcoming academic journey.

New school year, new opportunities in Bristol - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

New school year, new opportunities

As the new school year approaches, it is natural to feel a mix of excitement and nervousness, especially since our son will be encountering a new teacher and staff. However, we are confident that he will adjust well to the changes, thanks to the nurturing environment provided by the school.

We are grateful for the caring and experienced educators who work hard to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all students, and we believe that this will help our son feel more comfortable as he settles into his new academic routine. With the support of the school staff and a positive attitude, we are looking forward to a successful and fulfilling school year for our son.

Every new school year brings with it the promise of fresh learning, growth, and experiences. It's a testament to our remarkable children's resilience, adaptability and capacity to embrace new beginnings with open hearts.

Embracing change: Transitioning from summer adventures to back-to-school in Newcastle - Conclusion - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -


As the first school bell of the new school year rings, we stand ready to support our son on this journey. We celebrate the summer of adventures that have brought us here and look forward to the exciting days ahead. Change is a constant in life; through each transition, we find opportunities for growth and connection.

Join us as we navigate the upcoming school year, cherishing the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that lie ahead. Let's embrace this new chapter filled with promise, hope, and the boundless potential of new beginnings.

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