Charting new territories: A parent's perspective on autism, social skills, and inclusion

Rose Mabiza • 6 mins read

18 December 2023

Charting new territories: A parent's perspective on autism, social skills, and inclusion in London - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

An autistic child often faces unique challenges when it comes to social skills. The struggle to understand and navigate social cues, norms, and expectations can be overwhelming and frustrating. However, with the right support, understanding, and targeted interventions, autistic children can develop and improve their social skills, enabling them to thrive and connect with others.

In this blog, I will share my story and experiences regarding social skills therapy and its profound impact on my child's life. From the significance of social skills therapy to recognising unique strengths and abilities, I will delve into the challenges faced in the community and the role of social skills in fostering independence.

The significance of social skills therapy in Birmingham - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

The significance of social skills therapy

Social skills therapy plays a crucial role in the development of autistic children by providing them with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate social interactions successfully. Through carefully crafted scenarios and activities, social skills therapy creates situations that encourage the development of these skills in a supportive and structured environment.

One effective method used in our therapy sessions involves incorporating various tools such as cartoons, videos, and visual aids. These tools help to engage my son's attention and facilitate understanding, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. Moreover, witnessing the remarkable progress that he has made through these focused sessions has been genuinely inspiring.

Recognising unique strengths and abilities in Manchester - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Recognising unique strengths and abilities

It is essential to recognise that autistic individuals navigate the world differently but still possess social skills that are often overlooked or misunderstood. As parents, caregivers, and society as a whole, it is our responsibility to acknowledge and celebrate these unique strengths.

In our journey, we have discovered that the power of positive reinforcement cannot be underestimated. By providing consistent and genuine praise for our son's efforts and accomplishments, we have witnessed a transformative impact on his self-confidence and motivation to develop his social skills further. Rather than focusing solely on areas where he might face challenges, we have made it a point to acknowledge and appreciate his progress at every step.

This positive reinforcement has not only helped him feel validated and understood but has also fostered a sense of pride and ownership over his unique social abilities. By highlighting his strengths and praising his accomplishments, we have created an environment where he feels empowered to embrace his individuality and continue working on his social skills.

Navigating challenges in the community in Liverpool - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Navigating challenges in the community

Venturing out into the community can be a daunting and challenging experience for autistic individuals and their families. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that autistic children do not make friends or possess social skills because they are considered antisocial. However, this perception is far from the truth. My son may struggle with certain aspects of social interaction, such as responding to initiations, maintaining eye contact, or initiating conversations. But it doesn't mean he doesn't have the desire or capacity to connect with others.

As a family, we have learned to embrace and appreciate these unique qualities, understanding that they are an intrinsic part of who he is. Rather than forcing him to conform to societal norms of social interaction, we prioritise creating an inclusive and accepting environment where he feels comfortable being himself. By doing so, we have witnessed him blossom and develop deep connections with others who appreciate and value his unique way of relating to the world.

Social skills and independence in Bristol - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Social skills and independence

Social skills play a vital role in my child's development, as they are essential for various aspects of life, including building confidence, forming friendships, and fostering positive relationships. Recognising the importance of these skills, we have consistently worked towards supporting and nurturing his social growth. Over time, we have observed significant progress in his ability to navigate social situations, manage his emotions effectively, and become more independent.

As my child gains proficiency in social skills, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation in his overall confidence. He has grown more comfortable in social settings, allowing him to express himself authentically and assertively. This newfound confidence has had a positive ripple effect on various areas of his life, empowering him to take on new challenges and explore opportunities for personal growth.

Supportive environments and tools in Coventry - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Supportive environments and tools

I am incredibly grateful that my son's school has a dedicated team of well-trained staff who understand him and provide him with the necessary support. The school has created a classroom environment that is comfortable, inclusive, and accommodating to his unique needs. This nurturing space has been pivotal in fostering his social skill development.

The school staff have implemented strategies and interventions tailored to his needs, ensuring that he feels supported and understood. They have created a structured and predictable routine, which helps him feel secure and promotes his engagement in social activities. Their patience, understanding, and dedication have significantly impacted his social growth and overall educational experience.

Additionally, online gaming gives him a unique avenue to interact with peers, practice communication, and engage in collaborative activities. Online gaming platforms offer a safe and controlled environment where he can connect with others. He has learned valuable skills such as turn-taking, teamwork, and problem-solving. These skills transfer to real-life social interactions and contribute to his overall social development.

Charting new territories: A parent's perspective on autism, social skills, and inclusion in Newcastle - Conclusion - Rose Mabiza - The Mandatory Training Group UK -


It is crucial for society to embrace and celebrate neurodiversity, recognising that each individual brings their strengths and perspectives to the table. Communities, schools and workplaces must provide the necessary resources, accommodations and training to support the social skill development of autistic individuals. Providing a nurturing and inclusive environment can empower autistic individuals to explore their full potential and enhance their social abilities.

By sharing my experiences, I hope to break down common misconceptions surrounding autism and inspire a deeper understanding of the social challenges and unique abilities of autistic individuals. I genuinely hope that I can contribute to creating a more empathetic and inclusive world through sharing. Together, we can build a world where everyone is valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to thrive and form meaningful connections.

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