York trip part 4 - Trains and luggages and a final day at York  - J.T Dune -

York Trip Part 4 - Trains, luggage, and a final day at York!

Hey friends! As you already know, this is the last piece of the York trip Jigsaw and I are excited to tell you about cool classic trains and our travel back home! (Yay!)

This is where it started. Waking up felt different this time, knowing that we were leaving our accommodation and going back to the school to be picked up by our parents one by one. The teacher told us to pack our luggage, change into our new clothing, and head down for breakfast!

After breakfast, my mates and I just chatted about the stuff that normal 11-year-olds would do, like our favourite parts of this trip, how the food was, and other stuff. Then we went to the flying Scotsman.

Once we got there, I felt nostalgic because I remember being there when I was about 4 years old in the mini-play area with the cool replica toy trains! Afterwards, we were sent upstairs to go to their library and listen to some pleasant and soothing sounds. Then we went downstairs to enter the gift shop! I did not buy anything because I wanted to save my money.

We had lunch at the provided tables. I ordered a tuna sandwich with crisps and chocolate. It was delicious! We were told to line up to get in the coach for another three-hour journey to get back to school refreshed and ready to go home!

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That's all for my York trip, Catch ya on my next adventure!