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York trip part 3 - Embrace the conclusion of the journey

Hey everyone! So this is the last bit of our cool York trip! It's been wild, and I can't wait to spill the beans about our last adventures – literally because first up, we hit the chocolate tour!

Okay, so the first thing we did was cram into this room with a huge TV showing us old-school ways of getting cocoa beans. Nope, they didn't make chocolate bars back then. They squished 'em into this drink that was kind of bitter but also tasted like nuts. And guess what? We got to try it! It was cold and kind of weird but in a cool way, like eating a nutty ice lolly.

Then we scooted over to another room, which was all kinds of weird and wonderful. There was no big TV this time, just some old pictures of people who looked like they lived ages ago and a massive tin of quality street chocolates. Yes! Each of us got one, and while we were munching, the pictures started talking to us—like, actually talking! They told us loads of stuff about old chocolate factories.

I bet you didn't know this—Japan loves KitKats more than anywhere else, and they have crazy flavours like wasabi and fish. How bonkers is that?

Next up, we went downstairs to this virtual chocolate maker thingy. It wasn't a real chocolate factory, but it showed us all the steps to make chocolate. We tried everything from raw cocoa beans (ugh, so bitter!) to super yummy milk chocolate. And the best bit? We made our white chocolate lollies and even got to take them home! They gave us this special VIP chocolate with lemon inside too – it was like a taste explosion in my mouth!

After all that chocolate, we had to rush back to the hotel for dinner because we had planned a ghost walk. And let me tell you, York has some seriously spooky stories. We heard all about the creepy stuff there, which gave us the chills.

When the ghost walk was over, we stumbled back to the coach and headed to the hotel, ready to crash. But after all those ghost stories, I was half-expecting a ghost to pop out from under my bed!

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Catch ya in the next post!