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Epilepsy Awareness and Seizure Management Training in Coventry


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We deliver this epilepsy awareness training course face to face to groups of carers, nurses, health care workers and volunteers (among many others) at our Health and Social Care Training Centre in Coventry or a suitable venue of your choice anywhere in the UK for up to 20 delegates. 

To book this epilepsy training course, please contact our Client Support Team on 024 7610 0090 to check availability or reserve a training date. Alternatively, please complete this request form. 

What the epilepsy awareness training course covers

Section 1 of this e-learning Epilepsy Awareness training course helps learners to gain an understanding and awareness of epilepsy, including identifying and managing symptoms, understanding and management of epileptic seizures, and the impact of epilepsy on daily life. This online epilepsy training courses helps to build a good understanding of epilepsy for carers and health care workers to enable them to offer more effective support to people that they take care of. 

Section 2 raises awareness of epilepsy, by explaining what it means and how it is diagnosed, as well as the causes of different types of seizures and their causes. This unit also shows the range of symptoms that may present before and during seizures and enabling carers and care workers to know what to expect, how to effectively manage the symptoms, provide support and reassurance. 

Section 3 helps learners to recognise the signs (if any) of a potential seizure, be able to identify possible triggers for epileptic seizures and to provide the care that is required according to the individual's care plan. This section also illustrates how to give reassurance, offer protection and manage an epileptic seizure and the steps that need to be taken during an emergency. 

Section 4 shows the range of medications that are available for people with epilepsy, how they work and the possible side effects. Alternative epilepsy treatments such as vagus nerve stimulation are also described. Additionally, this section shows the wider implications of epilepsy (both physical and emotional) on the daily lives of people that live with epilepsy and their carers, and potentially death caused by epilepsy. This section also describes the documents and records that need to be kept and the importance of ensuring that they are accurate and always kept up to date. 

Learning outcomes

This course aims to enable learners to:

  • quote some of the statistics relating to people with epilepsy who have learning difficulties
  • explain what epilepsy is and identify possible causes of the condition
  • identify methods used to diagnose epilepsy
  • understand the basics of how the brain works and what causes seizures
  • list the different types of seizure and their symptoms
  • explain what a Non-epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD) is
  • describe the signs to look out for when service users are about to have an epileptic seizure
  • understand the importance of knowing each service user's warning signs and support needs
  • identify the conditions and circumstances that can trigger epileptic seizures
  • list the do's and don'ts when supporting someone through a seizure and explain what to do in an emergency
  • define the term Status Epilepticus
  • access detailed information about medication available for people with epilepsy
  • describe other methods of treatment such as vagus nerve stimulation
  • explain the impact epilepsy can have on a person's lifestyle and state of mind
  • understand what SUDEP means and why people with epilepsy may be at higher risk of an early death
  • list the records that must be kept when supporting people with epilepsy

On the training day please bring at least one form of photo ID, be on time and wear comfortable clothing. 

Please note, if you are 15 minutes late to the training, you will be turned away, will have to re book the course and will not be refunded, this is due to the fact that we do not want the training sessions to be interrupted as we would like trainees to gain the full training experience. 


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