Leadership Mastery - Online Training Package - CPDUK Accredited

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Leadership Mastery - Online Training Package - CPDUK Accredited.

Leadership Mastery - Online CPD Course - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Welcome to The Mandatory Training Group's online Leadership Mastery training package. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK).

This online Leadership Mastery training package will help develop your leadership skills to be a good leader. You will learn about the four different types of leaders and what qualities and soft skills they should possess. From confidence to humility and delegation to decision making, this Leadership Mastery training package covers the traits that separate average leaders from great ones.

Course content

This online Leadership Mastery training package includes the following modules:

  • Unit 1: What a leader is
  • Unit 2: Why leadership is important
  • Unit 3: What the four leadership styles, their advantages, and disadvantages are
  • Unit 4: Which leadership style works best for you
  • Unit 1: The distinctions between assigning and enabling
  • Unit 2: How successful delegation can lead to empowerment
  • Unit 3: The major benefits of employee empowerment for your organisation
  • Unit 1: What humility is
  • Unit 2: How humility can improve relationships
  • Unit 3: How to demonstrate humility to advance your career
  • Unit 1: What emotional intelligence (EQ) is
  • Unit 2: What cultural intelligence (CQ) is
  • Unit 3: How emotional and cultural intelligence coincide
  • Unit 4: Why they are important in business
  • Unit 1: Common problems that can arise from not being yourself
  • Unit 2: How authenticity can boost productivity
  • Unit 3: How to be authentic and remain professional
  • Unit 1: What inspiration means
  • Unit 2: Why inspirational leadership is important
  • Unit 3: How to inspire others
  • Unit 4: When to inspire your team
  • Unit 1: What accountability means
  • Unit 2: Why taking accountability is good for business
  • Unit 3: How to overcome common pitfalls of taking accountability
  • Unit 1: Why decision making is so important
  • Unit 2: How to tackle uncertainty
  • Unit 3: How to make better decisions
  • Unit 1: The positive effects of self-confidence
  • Unit 2: How your confidence affects others
  • Unit 3: The steps you can take to be more confident
  • Unit 1: How to be brave at work
  • Unit 2: Benefits of bravery in the workplace
  • Unit 3: Strategies to beat your fear
  • Unit 1: How to compare management and leadership
  • Unit 2: What are the different leadership styles
  • Unit 3: How to develop your leadership skills
  • Unit 1: How to identify conflict in the workplace
  • Unit 2: How to know when to intervene
  • Unit 3: How to manage conflict successfully
  • Unit 1: How to plan effective meetings
  • Unit 2: How to implement meeting etiquette
  • Unit 3: How to create actions and set goals
  • Unit 1: What are some motivation types
  • Unit 2: What are the benefits of motivation
  • Unit 3: How to motivate your team
  • Unit 1: What “promoting talent” means
  • Unit 2: What are the benefits of promoting talent
  • Unit 3: How to successfully promote talent
  • Unit 1: What “leading by example” really means
  • Unit 2: What are the benefits of leading by example for businesses
  • Unit 3: How to set good examples for your workforce
  • Unit 1: What “facilitating” is in leadership
  • Unit 2: How a facilitative approach drives results
  • Unit 3: How to structure facilitation to reach goals
    • Unit 1: How to use techniques to improve your negotiation skills
    • Unit 2: How to consider future benefits, not just current deals
    • Unit 3: How to build relationships with those you do business with
    • Unit 4: How to be transparent with your team to help each other
  • Unit 1: How to trust “out of sight” working
  • Unit 2: How to empower, trust, and avoid micromanaging your team
  • Unit 3: How to build effective communication across your team
  • Unit 4: How to select the best technology for your remote team
  • Unit 1: What is change management, and what are the benefits
  • Unit 2: How to effectively explain the need for change
  • Unit 3: How to make change manageable for your team


Who is the course for?

This online Leadership Mastery training package is directly relevant to managers and team leaders. However, it can also benefit employees of all levels. With online video courses on confidence, bravery, and authenticity, everyone has something to learn more about these soft skills in the workplace.

    Course aims

    This Leadership Mastery e-Learning package aims to:

    • Help you know the difference between a leader and a manager.
    • Understand the qualities of an effective manager.
    • Appreciate the roles of an effective manager.
    • Justify delegation of work in a work set-up.

        Learning objectives

        On completion of this Leadership Mastery e-learning package, the learner will be able to:

        • Outline the key skills essential for effective management
        • Identify the role and significance of effective meetings
        • List ways through which a manager would lead by example
        • Suggest how one would maximise team members’ work performance and skills
        • Describe the importance of being able to read the emotions of team members for healthy work relationships.

          Learning outcomes

          The learning outcomes of this online Leadership Mastery training package are to:

          • List the qualities of an effective manager
          • Explain the importance of conflict management to successful leadership in the workplace
          • Outline how motivating one’s team and keeping the workers happy may enhance productivity
          • Discuss how to make change more manageable and make it a positive experience for one’s subordinates
          • Justify the need for knowing how to lead remote teams.

          Download Full Course Description (PDF)

              Leadership Mastery - Online Training Courses - The Mandatory Training Group UK

              Leadership Mastery - Online Training Package - CPDUK Accredited.

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              The Mandatory Training Group - CPDUK Accredited E-Learning Providers.

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              The Mandatory Training Group - CPDUK Accredited E-Learning Providers.

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              The Mandatory Training Group - CPDUK Accredited E-Learning Providers.

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