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Care Certificate Training Courses | Online Care Courses

The Care Certificate Training Courses | Online Care Courses | 15 Standards & Workbooks |The Mandatory Training Group

The Mandatory Training Group's online care certificate training courses comprise an introduction and fifteen care certificate standards. This elearning care certificate course package is intended for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSW) and Adult Social Care Workers (ASCW), including Care Support Workers, Health Care Assistants, Assistant Practitioners, and those providing support to clinical roles who have direct contact with patients and other service users. 

Online Care Certificate Training Courses ELearning

What is the care certificate?

"The Care Certificate is a set of standards that social care and health workers stick to in their daily working life. It is the new minimum standards that should be covered as part of induction training of new care workers"

Why are the care certificate training courses important?

The Care Certificate training courses are a key component of the overall induction that employers must provide, legally and in order to meet the essential standards set out by the Care Quality Commission. 

How are the care certificate training course delivered?

The Care Certificate online elearning materials include quizzes and activities, as well as a Self-Assessment Tool to help reinforce learning as students work through the course.

What is the care certificate workbook?

The Care Certificate training workbooks are included that contain questions and exercises covering all of the Care Certificate learning outcomes and assessment criteria. These Care Certificate workbooks can be completed online via our elearning portal or printed out and filled in by hand. Completion and manager / assessor sign-off provides evidence towards meeting the knowledge and competence requirements of each of the Care Certificate standards. 

What are the care certificate standards?

  • Care Certificate Standard 1. Understand your role
  • Care Certificate Standard 2. Your personal development
  • Care Certificate Standard 3. Duty of care
  • Care Certificate Standard 4. Equality and diversity
  • Care Certificate Standard 5. Work in a person centred way
  • Care Certificate Standard 6. Communication 
  • Care Certificate Standard 7. Privacy and dignity 
  • Care Certificate Standard 8. Fluids and nutrition
  • Care Certificate Standard 9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
  • Care Certificate Standard 10. Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • Care Certificate Standard 11. Safeguarding children
  • Care Certificate Standard 12. Basic life support 
  • Care Certificate Standard 13. Health and safety 
  • Care Certificate Standard 14. Handling information 
  • Care Certificate Standard 15. Infection prevention and control

What is covered in the care certificate standards?

Care Certificate Standard 1 Course: Understand your role - this online care certificate course will help learners to understand what their work role is, and will also introduce them to the codes of conduct and practice which apply to them as a health and social care professional

Care Certificate Standard 2 Course: Your personal development - - this online care certificate course helps learners to develop a Personal Development Plan and understand how developing their skills and knowledge is an essential part of their work role.

Care Certificate Standard 3 Course: Duty of care - this online care certificate course examines how duty of care contributes to safe practice. Learners will also look at ways of resolving apparent conflicts between a service user’s rights and their duty of care towards them.

Care Certificate Standard 4 Course: Equality and diversity - this online care certificate course emphasises the importance of promoting equality and valuing diversity. Learners will explore ways of working inclusively with service users in order to help to eliminate discrimination.

Care Certificate Standard 5 Course: Work in a person centred way - this online care certificate course looks at ways of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. It underlines the importance of finding out about and respecting an individual’s history, needs and preferences in order to put them at the centre of the support they receive.

Care Certificate Standard 6 Course: Communication - this online care certificate course explains how learners should adapt the way they communicate with individuals according to each person’s abilities and preferences. It also identifies possible barriers to effective communication and discusses ways of overcoming them.

Care Certificate Standard 7 Course: Privacy and dignity - this online care certificate course aims to enable learners to apply basic principles to the way in which they carry out every day tasks which promote rather than undermine the dignity of the individuals in their care.

Care Certificate Standard 8 Course: Fluids and nutrition - this online care certificate course underlines the principles of good hydration, nutrition, and food safety. Learners will look at effective ways of ensuring that the individuals they support not only receive the fluids and foods they need, but that their diet is based on their wishes and preferences.

Care Certificate Standard 9 Course: Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability - this online care certificate course aims to increase your awareness of the different support needs of individuals with a mental health condition, dementia or a learning disability. It emphasises the importance of taking a positive, empathic and understanding approach in order to promote their health and wellbeing.

Care Certificate Standard 10 Course: Safeguarding vulnerable adults - this online care certificate course explores the different types of abuse and neglect and will help learners to recognise any possible signs and symptoms. They will also be asked to look at their employer’s agreed ways of working in relation to the safeguarding of adults. 

Care Certificate Standard 11 Course: Safeguarding children - this online care certificate course aims to reinforce the information covered in Unit 10 and to enable learners to explore the topic of safeguarding in relation to children.

Care Certificate Standard 12 Course: Basic life support - this online care certificate course is intended to provide learners with information about basic life support techniques which they can use as a basis for the practical training they will be required to take by their employer. It describes resuscitation procedures, how to move someone into the recovery position, and explains how to use an automated external defibrillator.

Care Certificate Standard 13 Course: Handling information - this online care certificate course asks learners to identify their role in relation to health and safety at work. They will look at how risk assessments should be applied and identify procedures in place in the event of an accident or sudden illness. Learners will also explore safe ways of working, including in relation to lifting and moving, hazardous substances, fire risks, and security.

Care Certificate Standard 14 Course: Health and safety - this online care certificate course enables learners to find out about how information their employer holds about the individuals they support should be recorded, stored, and disposed of securely. They will also be asked to identify the key legislation that relates to the handling of personal or sensitive information.

Care Certificate Standard 15 Course: Infection prevention and control - this online care certificate course examines how infections can spread and provides guidance on how learners can help to prevent cross-contamination in a healthcare setting. For example, by adhering to workplace procedures in relation to the correct handling of laundry, effective hand hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment.

Assessment and certification

At the end of this online care certificate course, learners will be required to complete an online assessment. On successful completion of the knowledge test (80% pass mark), learners will be able to download a FREE CPD certificate.

Care Certificate Workbook

You will be able to download your care certificate workbook, which has to be 'signed off' by your supervisor or line manager to confirm that you have completed the necessary competencies in practice. 

We can also provide classroom based care certificate training at any suitable UK venue. Contact our Support Team on 02476 100090 or via Email to make a booking.

Course accreditation

The content of this online care certificate training course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines..

Course duration

It will take approximately 45 to 90 minutes to complete this e-learning course. The length of time to complete the course depends on the following:

  • your prior knowledge and experience about health and social care issues
  • how quickly you can study and absorb the learning materials
  • how much you can pace yourself once started 

You are in full control of how long it takes to complete the course. You can go through the course in one sitting, or pause and come back later. Your progress will be recorded throughout and you will be able to start where you previously left off.

You can revise the online learning materials as many times as you like. Even after completing the course successfully (and obtaining your CPD) certificate, you will still have access to your learning materials for 365 days. 

Payment and additional information 

Once you have purchased your online care certificate training courses (s), you will be sent a confirmation e-mail. You will then receive a link and login details to access your training course(s) within 24 hours of purchase.

Secure Payment with Regal Training

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