Safeguarding Children Courses, Training
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Having good safeguarding policies and procedures for professionals are necessary for the children's safety and welfare.

Safeguarding Children Courses and Training 

Safeguarding Children - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

What is safeguarding children?

Safeguarding children is an action that promotes the welfare of children and protects them from harm.

Safeguarding also involves setting up and following policies and procedures to protect children from adults and other children who might pose a risk. These safeguarding policies and procedures are essential for all organisations that work with or come into contact with children.

Safeguarding children and child protection

Child protection is a key part of the safeguarding process focusing on protecting children suffering or likely to suffer harm. Regardless of the children's age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, every child has an equal right of protection from harm.

Child protection includes:
  • Protection from abuse and maltreatment
  • Prevention of harm to their health or development
  • Provision of safe and effective care
  • Actions that enables children and young people to have the best outcomes
  • Procedures that detail ways to respond to concerns about a child.

Safeguarding Children - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -
Safeguarding Children - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Abuse of a child or young person

Abuse is a deliberate act of ill-treatment that can harm or is likely to harm a child or young person's safety, well-being and development. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional. Those who abuse children use various ways of controlling and exerting power over their young victims.

Abuse is also neglect of a child or young person. It can be defined as failing to provide or secure a child or young person's basic needs of safety and well-being.

But regardless of what type of abuse, it is everyone's responsibility to safeguard children and young people.


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