Health and Well-being Courses and
Training for Childcare

For Children's Services Providers - Online Course and Training 

Promoting and engaging children's health and well-being supports and influences
their potential as they grow. 

Health and Well-Being Courses and Training 

Health and Well-being - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Health and Well-being

Good health and well-being for children are essential for their learning and preparation for successful independent living.

Respecting children and providing them opportunities to participate is one of the most effective ways to encourage them to believe in themselves. Giving such opportunities for children from the earliest ages will contribute significantly to their growth and development.

Any person who works or comes into contact with children and young people is responsible for promoting their well-being, recognising any concerns about their health, and knowing what action to take to keep children safe.

Learning health and well-being

Learning health and well-being promotes children and young people's understanding and skills for their overall well-being. Such as:

  • Making informed decisions to improve
  • Experiencing challenge and enjoyment
  • Experiencing positive aspects of healthy living and activity for themselves
  • Applying overall skills to pursue a healthy lifestyle
  • Making a successful move
  • Establishing a pattern that can be maintained into adult life.

Health and Well-being - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -
Health and Well-being - Children Services - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Learning environment

When children are exposed to a violent environment, be it in or outside their home, their health and well-being will be at huge risk. A child's capacity to learn and grow is shaped by their environment and circumstances as well as by their individual development.

Since school is considered the second home for children, they should feel happy, safe, respected, and included for a successful and comfortable learning environment. All staff should promote positive behaviour in the classroom, playground and the community of the school as a whole.

Additionally, the school needs to provide robust policies and practices that ensure children's safety and well-being.


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