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ELearning for Health Care & Social Care Providers  

ELearning for Health Care & Social Care Providers | Online Courses for Healthcare & Social Care Organisations

The Mandatory Training Group provides elearning for health care and social care providers in the UK. As a UK accredited e-learning provider, we have supported many healthcare and social care organisations with mandatory and statutory training solutions to meet the compliance requirements of UK regulatory bodies.

                      Pricing for Resellers - Accredited LMS provider UK


This pricing structure is for our online mandatory training and clinical packages which include a bundle of online course, we even have job role specific packages

How does it work? 

Example: So you're a care home looking to buy 20 mandatory training packages, you would therefore fall into the price bracket of '11-20 packages'.
Regardless of the package you require, for each learner you will pay £16.99, the average mandatory training package includes around 15+ online courses ... which means you will be paying less than £1 per course (aprox)
So for example, the total cost of this request would be: £16.99 x 20 = TOTAL AMOUNT
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 The discount algorithm below is applies to all individual online courses (excluding the mandatory training package). You can choose any online course at any level... the more credits you buy the bigger the discount! 

How does it work? 

Example: So you're a recruitment agency looking to buy 52 level 1 courses (no matter what level course you are looking for, you will still receive a discount!) 
The agency would fall into the price bracket of '50-99 courses' therefore 20% would be taken off the total invoice.
Want more information on how it works? Give us a call on 024 76100090

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Benefits of using The Mandatory Training Group's E-Learning system

 Free blended learning environment                                                                ✓  Package courses to your requirements at no extra charge 

 UK accredited statutory and mandatory training provider                       24/7 support, user guides and system walkthroughs

 Competitive pricing & responsive account management                          ✓ 'All in one' solutions for mandatory compliance training

 Map and co-ordinate organisational training within one system             Responsive candidate management system

 Over 50 accredited online courses available                                                  Download learner reports and results

 Easily accessible, user friendly, interactive course content                       Download staff certificates with the click of a button 

 Compatible with all smartphone devices and tablets                                   Block learners from downloading their own certificates

 All courses accepted by; the NHS, framework agencies and CQC.             FREE certification for all online courses

Who is this learner management portal for?

  • Aspiring trainers
  • Independent trainers
  • SMEs (any sector)
  • Large organisations (any sector)
  • Recruitment companies

How it works?

Our learner management system can be used by anyone, from individual trainers to SMEs and large organisations.

Why is this learner management system needed?

We have worked with a number of clients in various sectors who have requested for this portal. They tell us that it can often be difficult to keep track of your training matrixes and see where everyone is with their compliance. This can be a challenge during regulatory audits and even from an administrative perspective.

Apart from the fairly obvious, here are some additional benefits of our LMS:

  • Be able to certify training using our peer reviewed and accredited system
  • Set up your own assessments to certify learners and staff
  • Have a branded system for certification (including your own company logo)
  • Access Ofqual approved courses without the hassle and costs of the accreditation process (NVQs/QCFs etc.)
  • Manage your training matrixes from one central portal
  • Show proof of training for internal purposes and compliance with regulatory organisations
  • Meet stringent training standards by using a robust assessment and certification process (Care Quality Commission (CQC); Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF); Skills for Care etc).
  • Utilise our group management features to provide appropriate learning and assessments
  • Upload your policy documents, including induction materials, including drip feeding content over time (staff can sign on line that they have accessed, read and understood documents)
  • Facilitate staff onboarding to ensure that they settle in the organisation
  • Provide essential statutory and mandatory training without the logistical hassles and related costs

So how much does this LMS cost?

It really depends how you want to use this system. Contact our Support Team to let us know what your requirements are. We will then send you a quotation based on your requirements.

What can i do with The Mandatory Training Group’s LMS?

Our online learner management system has many features and add-ons, including:

  • Access Ofqual approved courses without the hassle and costs of the accreditation process (NVQs/QCFs etc)
  • Set up your own FREE blended learning environment (BLE)
  • Customise you BLE, including a personalised/branded login page
  • A blended learning environment for your learners and clients
  • Instant access to dozens of online CPD courses
  • Set up blended learning assessments (with certification) for your internal induction or other classroom courses
  • Convert existing classroom courses to e-learning courses
  • Easy to use user e-learning portal
  • Interactive features to keep learners engaged
  • Registration for open course dates either internally or externally
  • Add and remove learners easily (including bulk uploads)
  • Invite learners to attend a training day or access elearning
  • Communicate with all learners in one portal
  • Set group tasks and activities
  • Facilitate participatory learning
  • Upload your organisational policies and updates for your staff (using our document upload & confirmation feature)*
  • Add additional CPD courses to your learners profiles
  • Set organisational assessments and tests for leaners
  • Manage your learners in one simple portal
  • Track learner progress
  • Use our online assessment and certification portal
  • Branded certification for all learners
  • Block or allow access to certificates
  • Download or print certificates (including bulk downloads)
  • Download reports for compliance and internal processes
  • Dedicated compliance management system for audits

      *Our document upload features allow you to send documents or updates to your staff by the click of a button. You will also be able to track who has or hasn’t read the document (s) and can download a report for compliance purposes.

        Are you looking to become a trainer?

        Whether you are looking to set up as independent trainer or organisation looking to train your staff to become trainers, we can help you throughout the process.

        We will provide you with a tailored ‘train the trainer’ package that includes elearning materials; ongoing support and an Ofqual accredited qualification. We will also provide you with the following:

        • Training slides and supporting materials
        • Help you to develop learner handouts
        • Give you access to our online learner management portal which helps you to:
          • Provide blended learning to your learners and client
          • Personalised/branded login page
          • Use our online assessment and certification portal
          • Manage your learners in one portal
          • Track learner progress
          • Communicate with all learners
          • Set group tasks
          • Facilitate participatory learning
          • Add your own CPD course
          • Access our existing CPD courses
          • Use our policy document features
          • And many more benefits

        Accredited learner certification and support for trainers

        Are you already a certified training or an organisation with internal trainers?

        Then The Mandatory Training Group can provide you with our learner management system that allows you to:

        1. Use our online assessment and certification portal
        2. Manage your learners in one portal
        3. Track learner progress
        4. Communicate with all learners
        5. Set group tasks and activities
        6. Facilitate participatory learning
        7. Add your own CPD course
        8. Access our existing CPD courses
        9. Use our policy document features

          Why choose The Mandatory Training Group as your elearning provider?

          The Mandatory Training Group are a UK accredited training provider, working in partnership with the National Skills Academy (NSA) for Health as a national training delivery partner. We are also a Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) Ofqual approved training centre. Our online statutory and mandatory training solutions offer clients a great way to manage organisational compliance and staff development.  

          Click here to view our full range of online courses and packages

          ELearning for Health Care and Social Care Providers | Online Learning for Health & Social Care Providers | The Mandatory Training Group
          In health and social care, mandatory training is often defined as the training that is required, based upon the responsibility for medical, nursing and care staff to work in a safe manner. Simply put, mandatory training refers to the compulsory training that is required for employees to carry out their duties safely and effectively. Many organisations deliver mandatory training as part of their routine induction training, then as required thereafter. This may be annually, or every 2-3 years. This may then be referred to as 'mandatory training update' or 'refresher' mandatory training.
          The Mandatory Training Group’s ecommerce website is easy to use; simply click the ‘buy now’ button on your desired training course, you will then be re-directed to a ‘shopping basket’ page. From this page, you can either increase the quantity of licenses you are purchasing for that course, add additional courses to your basket or go to the checkout page. Please note: If you are buying courses on behalf of someone else, please specify in the notes section on the ‘shopping basket’ page. This is clearly labelled to aid the user. Once at the checkout page, simply fill in the required fields and add your debit/credit card details. (There are diagrams and guides on checkout page to help the user). Our website is SSL certified, meaning it has very tight security checks. Our payment gateways are also secure and monitored regularly. We also do website scans daily with McAfee. We have dedicated email and telephone support lines to aid any users, whether pre or post purchase. E: bookings@mandatorytraining.co.uk or T: 02476100090
          The Mandatory Training Group are an accredited provider of online and face to face training courses. The Mandatory Training Group are an approved training centre with Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), a national delivery partner for health with the National Skills Academy (NSA) for Health and provide Ofqual regulated courses. All our statutory and mandatory training courses meet the NHS and Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements for e learning for healthcare.
          The Mandatory Training Group offer all health and social care organisations, large and small a free blended learning environment (BLE0 with access to over 50 accredited online courses. The online system enables employers to manage staff compliance, upload company files & policies, download & extract online training reports as well as manging candidate’s certificates in ONE dedicated account (on our online learning portal). The Mandatory Training Group offer competitive pricing to support and develop all clients, regardless of size and brand name.
          The Mandatory Training Group’s eLearning portal offers advanced methods on managing your candidates and staff. As a client you have the power to; • access your free blended learning environment; • track learner progress; • download online training reports on all registered users; • block certificate download to users; • download candidate certificates as; and • when they complete an online course and send messages to your leaners.
          The Mandatory Training Group do not charge health and social care organisations additional fees for certification for their learners. Training certificates are FREE of charge. Clients also have the option to BLOCK their candidates from accessing their certificates upon completion of a module. The mandatory training certificate awarded states the guidelines the course is aligned to, including; Skills for Health aligned courses, GMC, NMC and Resuscitation Council (UK). The certificate also displays The Mandatory Training Groups accreditations and affiliates, including; The National Skills Academy delivery partner, Training Qualifications UK approved centre recognition (OfQual approved) and Association of Healthcare Trainers (AOHT) membership.
          The Mandatory Training Group’s training certificates have a 100% success rate when submitted to all agencies, NHS recruitment framewrosk (LPP, THE, Talent HCM etc) NHS banks and NHS Trusts nationwide, as well as nursing care homes, residential homes and other social care providers. The online courses are accepted by the NHS, Care Quality Commission and Ofsted. This means that no matter where you submit your certificate, it will always be accepted.
          Depending on the mandatory training package you select from The Mandatory Training Group’s online course packages and your relative experience in your job role, it can take from a few hours to a couple of days.
          The Mandatory Training Group offer a competitive pricing system to all health and social care organisations – this includes new and existing clients. If an organisation is purchasing online learning for several candidates staff members, The Mandatory Training Group offer cost effective health and social care learning solutions to support clients needing online compliance training.
          All of The Mandatory Training Groups mandatory training courses for health and social care are aligned to the requirements set by the Skills for Health’s UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF).


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