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Clinical eLearning Courses & Training

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of online courses, accredited programmes and Ofqual approved qualifications, including clinical e-learning courses, clinical skills development, online health and social care courses, statutory and mandatory training.

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Clinical eLearning Courses

Our Clinical eLearning section contains clinical training providers known for their specialism, quality assurance within their field and the accreditation's they have acquired for their training. The courses listed are aimed at primary care organisations such as General Practice Surgeries (GPs), CEPNS, CCGs, Nurses, Care homes and Private care providers. 

The clinical courses available through the platform have been especially created to help ensure doctors, nurses and healthcare clinicians get the eLearning they require. From e-learning updates, revalidation courses to essential CPD modules, we have all of your educational needs in one location, reducing the time taken locating the clinical courses required.

Each of the providers offer a wide range of clinical courses, some of the most popular courses include how to measure blood pressure manually, how to monitor blood glucose, early diagnosis of cancer and reducing medication errors in nursing practice.

Browse our wide range of training courses or discover the right course for you by refining the list according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can find a specific course or further training materials by using the search field at the top of this page.

Mandatory Training Courses for Nurses and NHS Care Staff

Mandatory Training Courses for Nurses and NHS Care Staff

The Skills Platform lists a wide range of mandatory training courses which are suitable for NHS workers such as nurses, doctors and dentists. These training courses are also beneficial to care staff working in the social care setting such as a CQC registered care home or domiciliary care agency.

We often get asked “What is the difference between mandatory and statutory training?” - Mandatory training differs from statutory training as they are usually made compulsory by the organisation to ensure their employees are competent to reduce risks, follow guidelines and comply with their policies. Statutory training is required by law or a statutory body such as the Care Quality Commission has instructed the organisation to carry the training to meet legislative requirements. Read our in-depth article for more details.

Organisations such as the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) are the regulators in the healthcare sector for doctors and nurses. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has provided guidance on the differences between mandatory and statutory training. Mandatory training requirements may vary depending on the job role and specific responsibilities of the employee.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) can take regulatory action if health and social care providers do not meet the Regulation 18requirements. It states that staff must receive support, training and personal development necessary for them to carry out their job role. Employees that have completed mandatory training course previously should undertake annual updates or refresher training to ensure they have the knowledge and understanding of changes in legislation and directives. Annual refresher training intervals will vary depending on the organisational requirements.

Skills for Health have created the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) for healthcare employers which provides guidance, mapping tools and learning outcomes to improve quality, reduce costs, track progress, consistency and standardisation of training.

Mandatory training can be delivered to a group in a classroom environment such as a training centre by an experienced trainer which will cover both the theory and practical elements. Alternatively, you can purchase an online eLearning bundle which starts from around £50 per person, this would be suitable for individuals that need to learn the theory elements. You should always assess your employees including their training needs, learning styles and identify skills gaps which will help you choose the most suitable delivery method.

In most cases these courses provide an all in one solution, providing an overview of all the core essentials such as health and safety,, safeguarding training, equality and diversity, moving & handling, fire safety and conflict resolution.

Clinical eLearning Hub - Skills Platform

Clinical eLearning whether paid-for or free is often dispersed across a variety of training providers making it difficult for staff to know where to access health sector training. Our new e-learning hub provides learners with one central location to discover all of their online training requirements.

Discover the providers available - Our NHS endorsed eLearning training platform features clinical training courses from especially selected quality assured healthcare training providers. We especially selected several key providers for the clinical eLearning hub, these include RCGP Learning, RCNi Learning, MIMS Learning, Skills for Health, The National Autistic Society, e-Learning for Healthcare and Education for Health. Each of our clinical providers has listed some of their most popular eLearning courses, some of the most popular clinical courses from the hub are listed below.

Discover the courses available - You can find courses specifically tailored for your clinical eLearning needs, browse our wide range of training courses or alternatively, you can find a specific course or further training materials by using the search field at the top of this page.

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If you are an eLearning provider or have a clinical eLearning portfolio that you would like to make available to a wider audience, just get in touch or click here to find out more about the Skills Platform.

Clinical eLearning Courses & Training - Online Clinical Courses - Clinical eLearning - Online Training Courses & Online Resources.

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