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E Learning for healthcare refers to electronic learning for healthcare professionals and organisations. A computer, tablet or other electronic device is required to complete E-learning for health care. eLearning is sometimes referred to as 'distance learning', 'virtual learning', 'online learning'  among others.

A virtual or online portal (learning management system) is required to deliver courses. Many healthcare organisations use e-learning for their statutory and mandatory training requirements. 

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Is healthcare elearning suitable for me?

People have different perceptions  e-learning for health care. Many healthcare workers and organisations have embraced elearning to support healthcare training. However, other health professionals and organisations prefer the traditional classroom training delivered by an instructor. 

Regardless of how we may feel about technology enabled healthcare training, we are now widely using electronic devices in most aspects of our lives. We will all accept that computerised devices have led to vast improvements in our personal and professional lives. In fact, most of us have mobile phones, particularly smartphones, tablets and computers among others. The advent of social media has also increased our use of computerised devices to interact with others across the world. 

Automated healthcare learning environments

Many healthcare organisations have automated most of their processes. One is likely to find electronic devices on hospital wards in place of traditional pen and paper forms. NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers have also adopted e-learning for healthcare professionals. Technological devices have now become very common within the healthcare training environment.  

Improvements in healthcare e-leaning platforms 

Learning management systems (LMS) have vastly improved over the past decade. The availability of interactive devices such as tablets and smartphones have also provided additional learning platforms for learners. Some of the improvements in e-learning platforms include:

  • healthcare e-learning platforms are now more interactive
  • interactiveness of learning systems helps to engage users
  • it is now easier to deliver complex clinical modules
  • online learning now facilitates distance learning
  • elearning helps to meet different learning needs

What are the benefits of e-learning for healthcare?

Recent trends show that many UK organisations (regardless of their size), are switching from traditional classroom training to e-learning. The technological advancements have in part enabled this shift to online learning. Healthcare organisations have slowly followed this trend. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of both types of training. However, there are some clear benefits of e-learning compared with classroom training. 

Some benefits of online training for healthcare include:

  • the increasing availability of electronic devices make it easier to access e-learning
  • ubiquity of interactive electronic devices have improved learner's computer skills
  • learners have control of the pace of training
  • in most cases, training delivery has become faster
  • increased number of e-learning platform providers has resulted in lower costs of training set up and delivery
  • in most cases, elearning is more effective for healthcare workers
  • eLearning has a lower environmental impact for healthcare organisations

Why choose The Mandatory Training Group as your e-learning provider?

The Mandatory Training Group works with experienced trainers and practicing practitioners to develop effective e-learning for the health care sector. Our e-learning development team includes clinicians, researchers, academic and software engineers who have a good understanding of the healthcare sector.

Our dedicated teams of health and social care subject matter experts and technical developers are continually looking for ways to create ground-breaking elearning courses. The Mandatory Training Group has developed a highly interactive and free blended learning environment (BLE) for healthcare organisations. 

Our blended learning portal if available to health care organisations. You can use our BLE to support your existing face to face (classroom) training courses. This can be done by choosing from our extensive online course catalogue. We also help healthcare organisations to convert existing classroom courses into interactive e-learning courses. 

Do you want to try healthcare elearning for your organisation? Contact our responsive Support Team on 02476 100090 to see how we can help your organisation with our e-learning system. 

You can also send us an Email to set up your FREE blended learning organisation today! 

Click on the links below to access our online course catalogue or to register your organisation for e-learning. 

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