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On a daily basis, I deal with and work alongside many stakeholders in healthcare and social care organisations, including NHS Trusts, NHS CCGs and GP practices, NHS frameworks, recruitment companies, private health and social care providers and charities. I find that there are various concerns regarding statutory training, especially the requirements for regulatory and statutory purposes.

I always advise our clients that they should think of statutory training in terms of the benchmark they need to ensure that they serve their patients and service users safely and adequately rather than just aiming to pass the next Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection or covering their backs

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      What is statutory training?

      "Statutory training is the training that is required by law or where a statutory body has instructed an organisation or sector to provide training on the basis of specific legislation, for example, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999"

      In most cases, statutory training is described as ‘essential training’ or ‘compulsory training’ that provides healthcare and social care staff with the knowledge and skills they require to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for themselves, their patients/service users and their colleagues. It is therefore a legal requirement in the UK for all health and social care employers to ensure that all their staff, including full time, part time and bank staff, as well as temporary and agency workers have completed the required training before they start work. 

      Is statutory training the same as mandatory training?

      There is often confusion regarding the difference between mandatory and statutory training.

      "In simple terms, mandatory training is the training that is required for organisations to limit workplace risk and maintain safe working practice"

      Mandatory training is the compulsory training that is determined essential by an organisation for the safe and efficient delivery of services. Mandatory training is designed to reduce organisational risks and comply with local or national policies and government guidelines. Some organisations loosely use both 'mandatory' and statutory' training as catch all phrases that interchangeably refer to both types of training. 

      Most healthcare and social care organisations provide induction training to all new members of staff within the first few weeks of employment. Any statutory/mandatory training courses/modules that are not covered in the induction training are normally completed within the first year of employment. 

      What are the objectives of statutory & mandatory training?

      Regardless of whether you call it mandatory or statutory training, the objectives of this training is to enable medical, nursing and other health and social staff to meet the legislative and regulatory requirements, while also delivering safe and effective care to patients and service users.

      Mandatory and statutory training aims to support employers of health and social care workers to meet the regulatory legislative requirements. These training courses and practical workshops advises on best practice, reduces accidents and incidents and can improve your business potential.

      What does statutory training include?

      Another common question is "...so what does statutory training involve?." There are a number of statutory training courses that employees must undertake. 

      All new employees are required to undertake core health and safety awareness training courses as part of their induction and refresher training updates, regardless of whether they are working in NHS or private brothers. This typically includes:

      • an awareness of the local health and safety policies and procedures
      • awareness of the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH regulations) 
      • when and how to report injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR regulations)
      • fire safety awareness training  (including evaluation procedures)
      • manual handling training (including practical training and assessments for those who provide direct care)
      • awareness of workplace hazards and risk assessment training based on their roles 
      • annual refresher training updates in essential areas, including health and safety, fire safety, manual handling handling of objects and safe moving and handling of people. 

        Which courses are included in mandatory training?

          The Mandatory Training Group has developed statutory and mandatory training packages for various health and social care providers including NHS Trusts, medical, nursing and care recruitment agencies, private healthcare providers, nursing and residential homes and other community care providers. Our mandatory & statutory training courses are outlined below:

          Core mandatory training modules
           Additional training modules
          • Equality, diversity & inclusion
          • Health & safety at work (including COSHH & RIDDOR)
          • Information governance 
          • Fire safety awareness
          • Infection prevention & control 
          • Food safety/hygiene
          • Manual handling/moving & handling
          • Basic life support/resuscitation
          • Safeguarding adults at risk
          • Safeguarding children
          • Conflict resolution
          • Complaints handling
          • Lone working
          • Blood transfusion processes
          • Documentation & clinical record keeping
          • Managing violence and aggression
          • Consent training
          • Display screen equipment
          • Bullying & harassment
          • Mental Capacity Act
          • Deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS)
          • Medicines management
          • Medical devices
          • Patient slips, trips and falls
          • Venous thromboembolism (VTE) preventiuon
          • Awareness of radicalisation

          It is important to note that statutory and mandatory training requirements differ between health and social care providers. This is primarily based on the nature of services provided, the inherent risks within the work environment and knowledge required. 

          Service commissioners and regulators (primarily the Care Quality Commission) expect all health and social care providers to have in place adequate processes and controls that keep workers and service users safe. 

          Why choose us as your statutory & mandatory training provider?

          The Mandatory Training Group is the leading provider of statutory and mandatory training in the UK. Our founders and management team have extensive occupational experience gained in various NHS Trusts (both hospitals and community settings), private hospitals, healthcare recruitment companies, nursing and residential homes and other community services. 

          We also work in partnership with a number Grade 1 providers and fully understand the health and social care sectors. Our content development and training delivery teams will work with all stakeholders to fully understand your service requirements and will develop training that is fully tailored to your organisational requirements. Other benefits of working with The Mandatory Training Group include:

          • training meets the Care Quality Commission regulatory requirements
          • training aligned to Skills for Health's UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF)
          • training aligned to Skills for Care and CQC recommendations 
          • experienced content development and training delivery teams with appropriate qualifications and relevant occupational experience 
          • training tailored to your organisation's regulatory and operational requirements 
          • training delivered at your workplace or any suitable venue in the UK
          • help your staff, including managers and compliance officers to understand their responsibilities 
          • help your organisation to minimise risks, litigation and increase productivity 
          • engaging content covering induction, refresher training and annual updates 
          • choice between classroom and online training
          • blended learning solutions that use both e-learning and classroom format
          • train the trainer options to minimise costs and improve efficiency 
          • customised certification to meet organisational and regulatory requirements
          If you require mandatory training online or classroom training at your venue, please contact our Support Team on 024 7610 0090 or via Email stating your training requirements. 

            What is Statutory Training for Health & Social Care Providers?

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