What are NHS Agency Mandatory Training Courses?

Free healthcare at the point of use comes from the core principles at the founding of the National Health Service. Training is an essential part of working for the NHS. This is designed to reduce organisational risks and comply with local or national policies and government guidelines.

This blog will discuss the NHS, its services, the agency’s mandatory training courses and who needs this training.

What is NHS?

The NHS stands for the National Health Service, which provides health care for all UK citizens based on their need for medical care rather than their ability to pay for it. Since 1948, they have been supported out of general taxation. Three systems are referred to using the "NHS" name; these are:

  • NHS in England
  • NHS Scotland
  • NHS Wales

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland was created separately and is often locally referred to as "the NHS".

The founding principles were that services should be comprehensive, universal and accessible at the point of delivery - a health service based on clinical need, not ability to pay. Each service provides an extensive range of health services, free at the point of use for people ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom, apart from dental treatment and optical care.

The service is designed to improve, diagnose, and treat physical and mental health problems equally. It has a duty to every individual it serves and must respect their human rights.

What services are provided by NHS?

These are the services provided by the National Health Services:

  • Urgent and emergency care services - services the NHS offers if you need urgent or emergency medical help
  • Sexual health services - information about NHS sexual health services
  • Dentists - about NHS dental services, how to find an NHS dentist and how much treatment costs
  • Opticians - find an optician and see if you are entitled to free NHS eye tests.
  • Alcohol addiction - find services to help you stop or reduce your drinking.
  • Healthcare for the armed forces community - find information for the armed forces community, including veterans, serving personnel, reservists and their families.
  • Online services - get your NHS number and find out how to order repeat prescriptions using an app or website.
  • How to find an NHS gender dysphoria clinic - find information about gender dysphoria clinics (GDCs) in England.
  • Get medical care as a student - find information about looking after your health, including registering with a GP and getting contraception.
  • Find your local integrated care board (ICB) - integrated care boards (ICBs) bring together NHS services in your area.
  • Help with health costs - find out when you need to pay, help when on universal credit, travel costs and personal health budgets.

You can use their service finder to find other health services.

What is mandatory training? 

Mandatory training is compulsory training that an organisation determines as essential for its safe and efficient delivery of services. It helps to reduce organisational risks and comply with legislation, regulations and guidance. Mandatory training also allows employees to complete their jobs safely and efficiently.

Common examples of mandatory training include:

  • Child protection
  • Complaints handling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing violence and aggression
  • Display and screen equipment
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Infection prevention and control
  • First aid.

It is essential to note that mandatory training courses will differ between organisations, even within the same sector. Mandatory training requirements depend on local risk assessments.

What are NHS agency mandatory training courses?

Training is an integral part of working for the NHS; it ensures that staff have the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles safely and effectively. Employees must know how to keep themselves and their patients safe in several other sectors.

Staff working in the NHS can access hundreds of fully-funded courses to gain a level three qualification as part of the National Skills Fund. As an employer, you can encourage your existing workforce to take advantage of these free courses and upskill in different areas.

The following training courses are mandatory for NHS agency health and social care professionals:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Fire Safety
  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Information Governance and Data Security
  • Moving and Handling
  • Preventing Radicalisation
  • Complaint Handling, Equality and Diversity
  • Awareness of Mental Health
  • Food Hygiene and Safety
  • Handling Information and Information Governance.

Who needs NHS agency mandatory training courses?

Locum doctors should complete NHS mandatory training courses. Medical locums and other healthcare locum workers in NHS Trusts and private hospitals, and different clinical settings too need this training too, including:

  • Consultants working in the private sector
  • General Practitioners
  • General Practice Locum GPs
  • Specialist Registrars
  • Private Independent Doctors
  • Locum Nurses
  • Agency Nurses
  • Allied Health Professionals (AHPs)
  • Private Healthcare Professionals
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Clinical Support Workers
  • Doctors
  • Care Staff

Where can I find online mandatory training courses for NHS agency?

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of accredited mandatory training courses for NHS agency for all sectors, including health and social care, education, local government, private companies, charitable and third sector organisations.

Alternatively, you can contact our helpful Support Team clicking here to tell us your mandatory training courses for NHS agency.

Online mandatory training courses for NHS agency

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