What is Workplace Civility Training?

The EEOC Task Force on Harassment recommends that employers consider implementing workplace civility training programs for managers, supervisors, and employees as part of a holistic harassment prevention effort. So, what do we mean by civility training in the workplace?

This blog will discuss workplace civility training and why it is essential in the workplace.

What is workplace civility training?

Many employers choose to provide workplace civility training to serve a variety of purposes.

Civility training promotes respectful and considerate behaviour for all workforce members. This type of training has long been offered by employers seeking to reduce staff conflicts or prevent bullying in the workplace.

What is workplace civility training?

Rather than focusing on illegal conduct and protected categories, this training focuses on the positive - what behaviours are welcomed and promoted by everyone in the workplace.

A comprehensive workplace civility training and education program can include:

  • Engaging members of the workforce in discussions about respectful behaviour at work.
  • Clarifying the norms for acceptable workplace conduct.
  • Skill-building for positive interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.

What is workplace civility training for managers and supervisors?

Managers' and supervisors' roles in promoting a respectful and harassment-free workplace culture cannot be overstated. Workplace civility training for managers and supervisors teaches them techniques for better communication skills, adequate supervision, and healthy conflict resolution.

When workplace leaders have developed skills for better communication, everyone in the workplace can benefit. Civility becomes the standard by which all employees conduct themselves with their supervisors, coworkers, customers or clients, and any others they interact with on the job.

Why is civility training necessary?

A civil and respectful workplace is related to greater job satisfaction, feelings of fairness, and an overall positive environment. It is also linked to improved morale, teamwork, and supervisor-staff relationships.

A more positive environment will improve communication and interaction, allow for more innovation, and reduce stress. All of these factors will ultimately impact the company’s bottom line.

What is the benefit of civility training in the workplace?

These training programs equip business leaders and employees with practical tools for creating respectful and equitable work environments. Those who attend training will learn how to identify, prevent and respond to workplace incivility situations.

These may be seemingly insignificant comments, behaviours and workplace practices that may be construed as insensitive, discourteous or inappropriate by certain groups. For example, expecting male employees to open doors for female employees may be disrespectful.

Workplace training focusing on respectful behaviours and fair policies will boost teamwork, improve organisational performance and strengthen employee morale and engagement. Increasing respect-related competence will do wonders for sales, customer service and other staff interacting with the public throughout the day.

Corporations implementing annual training events will enjoy less harassment and discrimination-related complaints, investigations and legal troubles.

Where can I find online training courses for workplace civility?

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of accredited workplace civility training courses for all sectors, including health and social care, education, local government, private companies, charitable and third sector organisations.

Alternatively, you can contact our helpful Support Team clicking here to tell us more about your training courses for workplace civility.

Online training courses for workplace civility

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