What is Paediatric First Aid?

Do you know paediatric first aid?

Knowing how to treat a baby or a child is vital for parents, guardians, and anyone looking after children.

This blog will discuss what paediatric first aid is all about and its importance.

What is paediatric first aid?

It is defined as the immediate help provided to a sick or injured child until complete medical treatment is available.

Technically anyone under the age of 16.

What is a primary paediatric survey?

The primary survey is the initial assessment and management of a trauma patient.

It is a fast and systematic way to find and treat life-threatening conditions in priority order.

We use the acronym DRABC to assist us with the correct order to perform a primary survey.

What are the 3 Ps of first aid?

The 3 Ps in first aid are the following:

  • Preserve life
  • Prevent deterioration
  • Promote recovery.

What are the five steps for giving CPR to an infant?

How to perform CPR on an infant (ages 0-1)

  • Step 1: Check for responsiveness. Gently tap the infant's foot or shoulder and yell.
  • Step 2: Give 30 chest compression. Put the baby on a hard, flat surface.
  • Step 3: Open the airway.
  • Step 4: Give two breaths.
  • Step 5: Continue giving infant CPR until help arrives.

What is resuscitation for children?

A guideline age for child resuscitation is from 1 year to adolescence. If you are unsure of these child CPR modifications, it’s better to revert to adult resuscitation on an unresponsive child and not breathing than to do nothing.

When performing CPR on a child:

  • Begin with five initial Rescue Breaths
  • Ensuring the child's chest is visibly rising and there is 1 second between each breath.
  • Next, perform 30 Chest Compressions at 100 to 120 beats per minute.
  • Use only one hand for CPR.
  • Use the ball of your hand in the centre of the chest, keeping good contact with the breastbone and the skin on the child's chest.
  • Push 5cm deep - a third of the chest.
  • Then perform a further 2 Rescue Breaths, alternating this with 30 Chest Compressions.
  • Continue alternating 2 Rescue Breaths with 30 Chest Compressions until the Emergency Services arrive or the child starts breathing independently.

Where can I find online paediatric first aid training courses and qualifications?

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of accredited statutory and mandatory training courses for all sectors, including health and social care, education, local government, private companies, charitable and third sector organisations.

Alternatively, you can contact our helpful Support Team byclicking hereto tell us your paediatric first aid training courses and qualifications.

Online paediatric first aid training courses and qualifications

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Frequently asked questions about statutory and mandatory training courses for paediatric first aid

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