What Are First Aid eLearning Courses?

First aid is essential in keeping a casualty from getting worse and helps stabilise their condition before professional help can arrive. Courses in first aid would pave the way for first aid awareness.

This blog will discuss first aid eLearning courses, their importance, and what is included in the training.

What are eLearning courses?

E-learning is a type of learning conducted digitally via electronic media, typically involving the internet. It can be accessed via most electronic devices, including a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, making it a versatile and easy way for students to learn wherever they are.

The purpose of e-learning is to allow people to learn for personal accomplishment or to earn a professional degree without physically attending a traditional university or academic setting.

Who needs first aid eLearning courses?

In some situations, if a patient doesn't receive basic first aid care immediately, their situation will deteriorate – often rapidly. You can stabilise a patient by providing basic care until emergency medical services arrive.

The first aid e-learning course is suitable for anyone who needs to provide basic first aid to anyone injured or who becomes ill at work, what action to take in an emergency, and how to deal with accidents and injuries.

What are first aid eLearning courses?

Taking the first aid eLearning course could help employees to minimise the severity of injuries – it could even mean the difference between life and death.

First aid eLearning is an online course that teaches you how to apply treatment to casualties with an injury or illness until a medical professional arrives. You will finish the course with a base theoretical knowledge of first aid techniques that you can use.

What do first aid e-learning courses include?

The training program should include instruction in:

  • Establishing and maintaining adult airway patency
  • Performing adult breathing resuscitation
  • Performing adult circulatory resuscitation
  • Performing choking assessments and appropriate first aid interventions
  • Resuscitating the drowning victim.

You can also expect to learn:

  • What is first aid?
  • When and how must first aid be administered?
  • When to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Scene assessment
  • Compressions, airway, breathing (CAB)
  • Injury and scene assessment
  • Choking
  • Airway obstructions and treatment methods
  • Special considerations for children
  • When and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • AED maintenance and storage
  • Rules and regulations regarding AEDs.

How long does a first-aid certificate last?

Certificates for first aid at work last for three years. Before their certificates expire, first-aiders must undertake a requalification course to obtain another three-year certificate. Once credentials have expired, the first aider is no longer considered competent to act as a workplace first aider.

HSE strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake annual refresher training during any three-year certification period. Although not mandatory, this will help qualified first-aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes to first-aid procedures.

Where can I find online training courses for first aid eLearning?

The Mandatory Training Group is the leading UK provider of accredited First Aid eLearning training courses for all sectors, including health and social care, education, local government, private companies, charitable and third sector organisations.

Alternatively, you can contact our helpful Support Team clicking here to tell us your online training courses requirements for First Aid eLearning.

Online training courses for first aid

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